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3rd Down.. Goal 2 Go…..

<<<===I am in Computer Science terms.merely.. a Pointer===


I am telling you all it’s A2M….

Image result for amazon logo

do i have to diagram the dick going to… O




i made my new  How .(raise palm).LowGo ..B->4


[Wit sez .. Don’t Play  ..    &     War Game$ = L  ].


==== with A2M dick connecting W to M


=======  ==================  ===========

[Turn that $Mile UpSide Down]==Now=GBTFW==

=⇓==#Jeru,Shalom=⇓==- A [Me-$$]-age from Salem‘s  Churchill 

WH: Left the Mis-DirectionL Blinker On 2 Long…./38/?=====


=======H…ow is Miss Melania ? 2)======

Comment: We ALL now Know that sometimes ‘(R)ogue’ Cops Moonlight and even do ‘small things’ for profit while on duty… working for “Lie2u” and other unseen government payChecKKzz (no balance)=====

O-kay ..with rest of Blue… IDK

Butt, they Taint you aLL in View…

========Ball’$ in your Court..[side]===


SloW aGain St. ~stream~ ignore CruiSIn with Duty


Up..St..ream:    Cla$$ Action $uit$ … 

3 days ago

Like to follow this case ..Hey !!!! ..Wait A Minute !!!! Sam ~Ahhh~ Kinison Rile !!

Ah Ah Ah!!!!!!!

1 day ago
Know, Mr. Bolton, WE treat YOU people and attachED bubble… Hike We ….treat your upper lip ! $ir !!!! !! !
1 day ago

$=Hock…Confusion….. Ridicule ….. LOL .. [ For Humanity ]

tanks, michaeL

15 hours ago

Rough Draft ..did someone say draft..not in IS,Real …[2A] T
>->-Ass-Blasters in the Kitchen-<-<


Dear John,

DEEPaFarting FOM JuR .[y]… KKKrispies …….. ‘Logical Reality’ [ KKKnow shame …the J€wish Media ..[ie]..and Conne[L]dUS once again ran a OG Re;Play…..Who Ha$ the BaLLLL..ieio…. Reality’$ $tatu[t]e of Liberty play …
Trying to $HLep It in between Graduation / Mother’S Day.. $HameLess $aim Me $$]

CYS? CaHoot$$$

$eems over / undermining of sum Liberty,. Basic Choice$ Lost …

War Ain’t Kno= L Card Game .


Insert Keenan Wayans… He’s Not !?!

Keenan ..what is it ???..Meat Movies Guy ? Thompson ..

Holding …a

Super Troopers 2 standard regulation Mustache Template

To a JB … FatHead ….

Shaking his head .. In Refute


edit: let’s send it back up to the booth.. Bob ?

Euck:     .. Just a ….. bit Outside #

back to U ..  SA

==Wednesday =Bah Loon under the Noon===Gotcha @

JB,  Reality sez you’re fired in @ 2 years
¿ Feel the Bern

1 hour ago


Anybody Else see that Wells Fargo commercial with an Empty Hangar ?

Projecting Mucho ….

Just [ice] $aying … They’ve been Bad, Bad, Really Bad… [High A[L]titude ¿ ?NoseBleedERR$]


Imagine .. [Hat]

7 hours ago

Contemp(LA)ting .. LOTM¿

Spa [F]arting Sooner than Latte(r)

I’m gonna buy land only…. And I’m asking for Designs FannED Funds to build a Way Cool Home.. On the {St}range …. [ Talk to Me, Pals.. ]

What U Rink ? Dude(tta) ?



18 hours ago

I had a $hark Prank idea;

I’d look for property near French restaurants …Chez ??????
And I setup a dive bar chain called you guessed it ¿ [Chez Lounge]

Second joke not about “Amerst’

If you initial your son APB !?!I

Court Based Options 4 Choices

Attorney., ,||||||,

I made a King of Comedy like joke tonite when I said to ????? …..

I’ll Be ON Carson, Next Week !!!I

====¿[Pride and Joy]¿=====

Wow, trump will love this joke … He’LL want to make his own video…

Ever ?????


Try to take a piss while having Sex ?


Go Fu[nd ME]

22 hours ago

Is this thing on ? (Touch mic to my dick!) ….. I kid myself .[..I don’t even know mike. And I sure wouldn’t want him to touch my snausage]..I repeat !myself when under stress.. I repeat myself when under stre$$ ..I talk 2 much …..udjust tye … am I doing for a time[X] ???? ?? ?

Who are we Roasting AnyWho ??
Woo ?

I saw his last pic, nothing like a Woo film !!!


I heard Tang and Clan just got outta…… $. money …
And are UP for a Reunion Tour ;
Or .. just a part in your next flick?

What? , it’s Not John Woo !?!

—–Well … That’s Wrong then…. Change the Monicker … Fuck Comedy Central … Tear Down that 2 4 $1 …Paper ..impressed not..Pressed Paper ….and Put Up…
Woo Hooo To Nite..(Wave ); Thanks for the future Mammories, Peace [ I put up 3 fingers inglorious German HeiL]

1 day ago

You Hear Pootie ?…….

Sa Da Tay

1 day ago
Sew, I was sitting in the dentist office and watching Alyssa Milano knitting a warm blanket for Mental Health …..Cool .!.!..
I turned to the gentleman sitting next to me and said…..Aren’t We All ….Really!?!!!!!!
1 day ago
Keep those Donation$ Whitney Cumming$ ….. Every Penny counts… Bazinga !!!
1 day ago
Best Buy Time Lout
They paid a Bonu$ last year to shut up employees who know about me in the training videos… See Best Lie ran a promotion with MSN which was technically illegal therefore unenforceable and for a time in California the stores were emptied by shoppers taking full advantage of deal ..$400 at a time…. I wasn’t in Cali butt FLorida .. $mile … Your on Candid We FuckED Up Camera ..Never “stole” from them !PlayED the game like Benny at the BJ table !Suck MY Girth… Besty
2 days ago
So. Concert great ‘Cept gotta get that tablet to stop messing with the guitar… Almost like bad playing …not!
Traveler’$ Insurance Umbrella “Ride’ was fun..[knee]. Mary Poppins ‘Round ?Kay, while waiting, …i’m using a legal pad for writing now and I write 2X a$$ munchin Good.EZ !!!! !! !===,==Jeff Ross dais yokes===Jeff, which is bigger. Your tooth-prick or that Snausage you got there ?WFIOut comes a Wicked Tuna crew to measure that nose.. ….
Long tape measure from top of nostrils to Eye Cow line (touch’ eyebrow)…

Wait For Rep- Lies

Jeff has been around so long and gone so Knowhere$ backwards.. He’s a mirror image of his bulbous cranium.. Pluto
He’s $till Out There We Just Don’t Care Anymore !!! (J/k). ¿ [God. that one hurt me in the mirror]


So, I’m a Point ===> R. to random memory …overbitten…


Chris Rock. ;

I’m $till Workin on that FUNding for

Pootie Tang IV :

President !

4 days ago

Graduating Class of ’18 ….

Work Makes You Free

…… Hurry TFU ….. ProCreate


5 days ago

Anybody Else see that Wells Fargo commercial with an Empty Hangar ?

Projecting Mucho ….

Just [ice] $aying … They’ve been Bad, Bad, Really Bad… [High A[L]titude ¿ ?NoseBleedERR$]


Imagine .. [Hat]



btglue fact oracle,


The Criminal Deep State  You Speak Of.ten…of

it ceasED to exist the moment the election was concedED

…. You and your Moley Mole$z ..friends in entrenchED FlunkERRzzz…Bunker$$$ …have to this day played everything from both sides of mostly fabricated drama….non-arguments… for

sway…..2   duh     White House in the High Ca$$hTeLL  [everyone cause kids are mostly correct yet, they don’t have the dues paid to be taken $er-iou-$LY …my Due$ card is freely avail for Letterhead]

You However, were Dis-RobED in the ProCe$$$

$Mile$ 2 Pass GO.. to Tower’s $Hell=Turd

hide under Bolton’s $$$tach…an attache


Dow Down 2 even for the year ..trouble doublED by A HounDD Dog

frank furtherly i don’t care ..just seeing TruthiMe$$ Blue$


—==once aGrin… no deep state any more… near fuL,L,L,L on Display====

no need to be deep around dumb-WE.zzzzzzz

===turn off commmerciaLLLLzzz

i got sick of the anti-me propagenda shit after 1 show……


btw, Happy Mother’s Day ! 

I’m $$00 Cold, My Balls R Win My Mouth….or ….. The End of Second Down

is that Honey     ????  ?? ?



421, ….Hear we go round again !

Life Ain’t Free, …Yet

My Insulting ..snore… Consulting Analysis

Golly-WoodA, [Diss]MayBe [MSNBC white thru yayas], [Foxey Murdochtrine!]. ….Coulda figured out ThumpZ Israeli Gaza West implementation in time.?..the Jewish owned media would not be against it and would crucify deterrents such as me!..more mime ignorance prime time About ??! No Help There.. Pay attention!!! Missed it…Slight of Might ! … Not $oUR Problem….in the past … We Reserve The Right To Fuck You … T&C, bitches

Happy FestiVuS…

Your Help allows me to air my grievances ~~WHaley~~Whatley~~

final round #2 updates

Sorry, sometimes gems like this miss my (R)adar…..

read this and I was Flabbergast:

Trump has criticized McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War.

==========Reality from El $hit-Head==&==Hubble Bubble=====


5 minutes ago

Sorry, sometimes gems like this miss my (R)adar…..

read this and I was Flabbergast:

Trump has criticized McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War.

1 day ago

Ben R. ….

Think of It as The Empire $triking Back [up]


Black gal sez Stay Away From Hymn


Cous what she really said was. Leave Him 2 US people who think we are better than others or $… doll a doll a bills R really good.. God

1 day ago

Been listening to disc 2 of King’s X : Live All Over The Place

Thru 4 states

2 days ago

WHi’ll Knott Don Go Hoe $Hack duh Gator Country …..

POS … Hampton’$ [ beach] on LSD

2 days ago

In what could only be described as…….

_ _ _ _ [ 4 words ]

It was not as good as the original … Only a glancing blow was Allowed. ?!



3 days ago

Harrisburg, PA ….

watching Wicked Tuna

can you do rotc and decline to join A,N,AF, M at 18 ? hope so with trump in office

3 days ago

You would have won … Can’t be there by 1:30 and who would pay $50 to listen to her career!

Peace and Pot and a Key Purr,

If you go ask her about me Positively

as I’m sure Richie Riches swill knott.

3 days ago

Wanna bet $5 A.G. Of MA cancels or ban$$$ me from her UMass appearance !

See Ya

3 days ago

Par for the Cour$e, globe article which I only got headline cuz my free articles are ovah……..

If course, needy students are being kept away from Amherst. My whole fan base is needy peeps. No $$$

3 days ago

You wanna know who hates me the most:

Other Comic$$$

Free and Ultra-Current and lastly,

Spot Fuckin On


They Now show their True Color$$$

3 days ago

No nomination for Nobel again !!!! !! !

Sir Prized ? KKKnow

4 days ago

Forget Snowbirding when I can’t even afford a place in florida beachside.

Tank$ Stall

4 days ago

Anybody who bet on me leaving when my weed ran out… Wynn$


MotherFuckers targetED me cuz my blood thc level is huge. In a zero tolerance state of incarceration

4 days ago

The FuckED up part is ….

The kids are Scared and joining the. Rotc to feel empowered.

Good for Them

an Open Mind with Confidence…

Great Things <<<===

4 days ago
delete update
It’s supposed to be a quick who saw that kinda move…..not a drawn out mime

You want me to talk…talk to me….icebreak[


POS feds …your Leave has been cancelled..

The sewer level and number of shitlitez in daytona alone was …….see most of that population are peers of such-lockers


The locals started telling me where when not to blog

==during SOTU, leave town ……if blogging !! OR What ????I

All rich as fuck, retired or…… dumb as rock, & happier than them rich folke*******_

5 days ago

Florida’s full of == Fas??st$..sorry.. EmBolden$wing $$$’z Open Minded Compassionate Conservatives


What is the name of that Prime series about Germany taking over USA that these fascists drool over cuz they saw “POWER” IN THE SHIT …

Power over their real peers back home….jumpED quick when realized the show was actually an approaching historic or bubble or burp.bLurp re-establishing their superior superiority.. gonna be HuG e

———gotta see that series!! I nailed their plan to dumb down education and embolden the road workers and construction types… Ie. Uneducated to always combat and Re$i$(t) B$ … ALLwAY$

6 days ago

Tanks btw …

i was referring to the good ones…

u kkknow …Seig Heil….Panzers….

6 days ago

Lettuce B. Frank…..



means …..pardon? [as he cups his hand to his ear]

hanging on by 2 fingers, America

6 days ago

waiting on a house

House Wynn$ BABY

6 days ago



robert parish was the key…[edit: Peace]

==========( )============

and what does 00 stand 4 …anyone ?

can i hear that again ??

—-suck me siren toy [ 9:58am ]

back to our broadcast here at kkk$

live at o-town ministry band meeting


can u lick my siren balls?


pissed off dollars

same diff


we all know…

we have a call from….

“bob” in Chicago…. [Philbert]

yes…..we need to ……

now Phil, may i call you that ?

no, you may …. ok

what is this 00 tattoo across your back ….

7 days ago

implicit systemic collusion


Prosperity and Liberty Are Antithetical around Capitalwizzdumb


i’m like batman ..i mean ben aflac..sorry ..i tink.. banned from casinos cuz i’m 2 Good at Life

……………….. Tru DDatt

7 days ago

band named room ..Comfortable S Wee t DT

…………..only 1 kingbed.yada shurE……………………………….

uber Wit………


after the .. Glow… it’ll be Hi ke G.L.O.W. … Big Fan

7 days ago

DB II Hartford Thursday May 17th. Finally get to see his band !


Auto Correct blows


Waiting on hotel check-in @ N. Orange Hotel

Room has a dishwasher ….. Lol

==========12,000 Tokens…sorry Subway jokey…. Points==

Ladies…. If around and I am bucketheadlistDD

We Can …. Freshen Supp …hear !

7 days ago


Who Loves Ya …. [ no maybe$ ].. ¿?

. =.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.=.

8 days ago

A lot to do and little time ….


I got a great scene for my next penthouse letter and gotta give some details so I remember it !

Car/Van bucket seats straddling lady met somewhere…


Couple of things…

Sitting DT and church bell goes off….. ( oh, crap ! )

After a sec i raise my hand as if pintin’ and say …. Cheers

and in that moment…. I followed with…. You Equal MothaF….s

B4 that …. As purr usual … A little car made a lot of noise… Sitting on a bench? I followed with …wear a prosthetic then you’ll have 2 ! (only Trying 2 Help)


Sidenote to O-Town… same old story …….

I’m Not Here to go out Clubbwin … Really Ever …

I’m just making my name ….

Then …. Mi Casa… to few

Wanna Know Mor[s]e ???


As observed and etched in mammory to a beautiful blonde @Pine St. Walking….

I am 6 months from adequate to take off shirt during sex ……!



Gotta give Props to some of the Amherst girls who once did this for me….




8 days ago

Iff the Lines are full .. Keep dialing as we are getting overwhelmED with donations and Well Wishing=$ !!

Peace and a home on the grange……


8 days ago

Who…. Who…

Would U T[H]rust… If U were Moi ?

8 days ago

Wednesday Night DT Orlanddo

Hotel within a mile ..not . 2 big beds 2 Bee me

Ya think I’m gonna be …… Choosy ???? ?? ?


The funny thing is I’m not really interested in college students cause the locals are so much Hotter ie….w/o a rack of chips on their $houlder$

==and knot Ante’n ….. Supp?========

8 days ago

American Politics ……and its.. Fuhrer …Psyche…. Furor

W..hut hut ?!!!


The Repukes are aligning up behind weed now…$$_

Never Allow Banning HomeGrown ! ! !

I Can Grow My OWN…..Tomatoes…..Headz O’ Lettuce B. Frank


8 days ago

My fave Dennis Hopper movie is on Prime this Time….

Back Track


The Singing Detective

King of Comedy

Escape from NY

SpaceBalls 1

Chopping Mall

Bad Taste

And …. And….. [maybe]


8 days ago

SHelter Me, means means

8 days ago

I just started Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams …S1

I am watching my first full episode….Ep 10

i’m Stupid like that..

this is so fucking realistic



33 minutes in


I in no way endorse the actions of said traumatized man.


weed states going R=height



==========K.A.O.$.$.$. =====i am your Radio…Radar=======

===subliminal billboard======

Give $=Hell 2=R … 2 I,I [me]


8 days ago

I just started Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams …S1

I am watching my first full episode….Ep 10

i’m Stupid like that..

this is so fucking realistic


8 days ago

my….[Wit] ….

It’s Never Really Perfect…..


NEVER really Wrong about impotent fuckERR$$$

8 days ago

every group i see… one of them …sez to others…that’s 421

nyet no donations …….. 4 greatest Evah !!!!

the system is …BS …your parents knew it and puntED.

Ratherr. PINTed ed ……….. <====ed cross ed [peace] out


9 days ago…

=====Insanity Incorporated==========

kinda like a cop giving a car carrier a speeding ticket for each car on the carrier truck !


You still can’t get thru to poverty peeps, low info ..Failure to stand for much that hasn’t been pre_VettED…dba Idiocrazy …..

They are Slo PROud of their American Dream…Dusty Rhode$.. Oop$, that was one of the other trysts Hump had while Melanie was prego

9 days ago


When I heard Thumpy say

Are Their Any Mexicans Here ..?… I waitED for the Jeff Ross byte

12 days ago

Rich BoyZZZ….Aka A..Kennedy – ” it’s not supposed to be easy ! ”

WE should -ERR IT All …. they have a safety hammock with butler Totality is Tru ….. BS

Our Pioneers struggled cuz of lack of technology thus a cost was necessary ?!

actual costs today are minimal b4

great gatsby god gets guise

We Do Knot Salute’m… Cuz they do Nuttin Admiral-able

12 days ago

that pic was taken at the spot where super troopers II went ovah da Cliff

20 days ago

The under the breath / hide your lips around me…. Is Damning of U$$E !

The Pussy’s Outta The Bag

meoW, Baby, MEow

20 days ago

Lucky for ME I Don’t watch TV …..

—-Diet Coke…… [ We Can.]… $$$HIt

The Prop=AGEnDA… Clearly missing the whole point….

[But I Don’t] ………. cuz [ I Care ]

23 days ago

IRDKA…U… @@@


I’m Betting on Meteoric Changes #TPB

27 days ago

They thought that i only had 15 minutes…

Howl am I doing ?

uncanny  ?     YES  


imagine if FED  had anymore inside info…                                                                                                                         they’d still fuck up the process

like a great party member…Poly Sci 124

they are ….. ϖ  ….joy$ ..remember to wash your hands before DS.



i used the term a couple of times and ….WTF ..chuckL


maybe I should stick to the rivers..&. … wait.. they R just as Non-Thin and Alcohol-centric…. Whinery, Inc… Vinegar Poison… Sorry spent a lifetime taking in that smell across tables


Church Street is ____ tar pits

—Really disgusted with the Publicans as it is  now                                                                              a shithole rooftop bar,  the deck has  potholes  and the decor has effectively become     Bei…Rut                                                                                                            a Root Rut

[anyone talk about that guy on the billboard….]

nestled above 2   ……shithole Perception areas.

=========================================                                             i might have to actually recalcu fate the locals beauty.   Oops I…

btw, not that i care                                                                                                                                 ….guys are thin here. (i know why)..ladies think they are thin here

! the contrast doesn’t help !

generalizing a BBit    hear, peeps

numerous  ‘player’s wives’ with DD..    no tanks..discuss


Overhaul,   America

I, fan !  see why Playboy mag subscriptions would decline ?

…ouch..1 7 and 6=pack…… 21 and a [24 pack] …thank god trumps around to help pick you ..2 finga$..Ladies up                                                                      [he said he washed his hands..oh, his hair]hyperbole…

A Butterr  Case of ….. Good Grief

.           Modelling 


High Fructose Corn Syrup..a..long ..Denial River



not that i could live in orlando…..too congested 16 hours a day


===========which restaurants have hotties ?  ========                                       =last time it was  ..not smores

======never $ubway====

What A Country.. -SBC

Benny A.  gets money thrown at him everywhere .. except Casinos…

I can’t  make Penny Dreadful  anywhere except a Casino .. FU.

R U Talkin 2 me ?

Fair and Balanced . On. Up and you knowz…


Benny,  Smile…We’R Antithetical Kindred

you like Bill Maher, I know he’s a POS… so do u



=We are gonna elect Dems Again..ALofty Goaly==with tourette’s..

==badda Loom==


Democracy / Capitalism is a Big RiggED Casino

prez:    r you talkin 2 me ?

cuz during ‘wartime’ any talk/blog that doesn’t kiss prez’s balls under new proposed interpretative laws…..i,i…ie…ME

Woody B. Treasonous,

$will it Happen soon err than Jerusalem’$ New Lot



hatred of change……yet we still produce pennies


so now that sending the blacks and whites at me to little fanfare..and incredible frustNation

they turn to the spanish speaking to halt my devastating bubble bursting skillzZz..

How (raise open palm hand)..?…i speak truth…

What’s Left..???.. C Ya …..

chinese 2 give me shit but who understands them anyway$


—————————-0, 00, 000, 0000,….———–the key purr is———-Hat, —-T&C state clearly on page 420-21 fate every year another slice O’ Life is given back to the Louse…House…..didn’t read/see that……ba bye

oh she’s still on the way…your Bad !

Have A Nice Day                            HAND…y   talk 2 it with Wit



====Pita backs 2 a Tip===========================

feds  don’t get enough …. light placed on them



Literally Figuratively Looking

So Tired ……………People… Wed Night… Chilly Willy..Will You ?

no more Dirty SancHez was “hot” at first but once again frumpy mom-$S now mimic your  Sex Me signals ...Rubio$ are Frump in Time

=========@Sanford, FL HootS=============

saw annual central florida Hooter’s Bikini Contest....Schwang Dang


got an oil change @Walmart by UCF…

now my car is set for Spanish…WTF, Senor$

I’m Really the Good Guy Hear…..Ty

Disney Frump

——generosity fund me page suff—bookmark that page 2

=========His Story===============

421, ….Hear we go round again !


Life Ain’t Free,  …Yet


My Insulting ..snore… Consulting Analysis


Golly-WoodA, [Diss]MayBe [MSNBC white thru yayas],                                                                                         [Foxey Murdochtrine!].                ….Coulda figured out ThumpZ Israeli Gaza West implementation in time.?..the Jewish owned media would not be against it and would crucify deterrents such as me!..more mime ignorance prime time About ??! No Help There..  Pay attention!!! Missed it…Slight of Might ! … Not $oUR  Problem….in the past … We Reserve The Right To Fuck You … T&C, bitches


Happy FestiVuS…


Your Help allows me to air my grievances ~~WHaley~~Whatley~~





4:21 Squar=ED

sometimes ya gotta return Plucka Dee  Bass..Base..Bast,

2 $etS O’ H…ool$ ..aka..A…..c  H….u …..


on further calc.   3  ..                                                                                                                                       the 2 rule sets overlap  ==>>> 4 Luxury                                                                                                                            and                                                                                                                      $ouR   SS [germ. SS] Hover @ mIDle

To Hate is ………..Not ReligouSS  ….. DeceiverZZz

===Graduating With/Without ClaSS, UR gonna work with many other graduates out there in Job’Z R U$, Very Few Erudites, mostly Eru=Lite===========Take Notes and En-Light the FartZzzzzz


====Will be @Spring Break Locale, Morrow Late… =================

421 @Route 421...not port orange, yet …..Bristol, VA


The reason i’m winning the PR Battle:

I constantly make parents fight to defend capitalism…

ovah and ovah and they couldn’t keep up  …..StarBuckED


Facebook made 12 billion in 3 months….i get looks ?

Just ‘Ice’ Sayin

==—-I have done more for Knowledge, discussion,civility,…!!!—-=======================’

=========i am teaching how biz and media can be taken on..


==We are ownED by China, get tower media from IsraeliteZzZ  and an Aussie = We R $tupID …build walls ??..the enemies are here,hear?

un.Knot u Drunk$$$, …. .. . the Utter DΓ[un]kk $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

morse owed on green monster…

un.Knot u Drunk$$$, …. .. . the Utter DΓ..unKK  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

==============Ass If, We Kneed ED==== ? A Mother ?===

Example of New England Disfunctionality….besides moi…

Dot Com,   WTF, do you not know your “alliant” phone #  ?

almost “criminal” to be hike….. shat {the cameraperson talked ..WTF…sense to no Male avail or able]

Bitchy Poo Pooing  … Personal…2  !

No Communication, $∀dd

=========How’dd Hay  ..QuizzicalED

==Alcohol and /can’t ignore Mental Health                                                                                                            vs.                                                                                                                                    Sense uncommonplace dis$place==


========The only peeps$ who really will …..Hate on steroids…

Rubio Cubes… Laugh…  omg ….. ? get a math tutor ?
Straight Guys.. No Reason…so, they may be in a diff category…

Toppers and whipped ice queen$… Audience  ???  [BitchEZ]

the more they talk Shit….The More Shit They Like..


Can’t Hate to see them Hating in my Hold Haunt$ …

Dolla Dolla Heinies …lotsa missed oppurtuna B4

o…rmond, correct

================\\\\  ////============

Theory 421:    Preparation G  on the WH ole

Word for this weak’$     SNW……

                         Publican:                                                                       A Good Man 4 America

===Coffee=========Business ………  Beer===Re: Publican$===

==Sue R=we all know now to:




My $tormy Manual Farmer’s AllManiac$.                                                            predicts I leave 4 21 days……..2 Return to Happy GlaZzZe…Love Ya, Mean It……..

.                                                       W[o]W


will they or have they begun to change ???





Iff Reality & Bubblicou$ crossed ways

Would put my Brand,’s Worth for Integrity A Honed ….. at over a Billion Lbs  ….

so when peeps “piss on about past hundreds” you question motives.

Just Persuading …”Purse” Waiting… Boxer’s $poiL$


Pop Quiz: Coffee Drinkers, Why did StarFuckers Relent and Put Bathrooms in ‘ALL’ Stores ???

Wrong…!!!!  !! !……….. (unless you really know)

Ask ArounD

===Tax Ways and Means CommutED, Eh====

I’m Not Gonna miss Rory’s band on 20, 21st… You probably heard me listening to him, if you are @

fence… EDT….4/24….

Nothing Funnier than  Fang $howing 10yo  Rubio Cubical…zz                                        Fighting 4 Capitalism  !!!!  !! !


Elsewhere St. … JeRusalem’s Lot……..

Reminiscent scenes of kids floating…. down here,,sorry wrong king’s story….

[    ] [   ]             a window plainly                                                                                                  [    ] [   ]

floating, knocking lightly @1st..$wing Batta Batta (Up-Chuck- L)     or   1 plus 1 is  1    [Won]