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I wanna start hiring journalists soon enuff// ¿ yes ? \\

Private Dicks also..

======Y, Yo

⇐==Base, Balls, Bat$Hitty, B…(R)ILL =

Magazine Title… ?????

whatta ya call a  Multi-Billion Dollar Investment ? ipo?

as i drove pleasant street…..//maybe Buy Playboy…distribution deals

a Mammoth.. ? …..

A Unicorn….. my new maggy may issue

feat.   A Cornucopia of  Acorns

… did i mention

enuff lawyers to kreep out  (R)…. keep

America, WAC.

B……RU $$$IN. ? ¢,ass. ∈

======Meet the UnimPress=====

how would they face                                                                               the ‘¢re8–>tin’-nation.?

===me..oh.. Pre- Nation and Sworld

What isis it that’s not quite land and not quite water…


Master’s DDegree agree with you in grand juris dear prude an’  ¢  ‘ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ?




============    ¢harlie  brown  …..    Ø     Lucy




NOHO can lick my Bagel hole. Cheesy Bastards.



they might miss all my inside info  beforehand topic to get a say in politics


Outer Banks: WT Premiere..


Dynasties are Roadwork.



hdmi port on laptop  flaked




only seen 20 min so far,

pocket found by ..rasta ‘ edibles for b’fast and HTFU’


===marciano and his ‘magic’ NE mackeral===

1 fish limit whole season keeps competition close to…drama


First, I know that’s just the glasses and hair and down south excitement there’s a fisherman and capable crew.. but WT producers you can pick’em…


no neg marciano nor southern comfort and no more ‘Queens in the House’……..Boat.   WT Humor



no neg about tyler and family..

shit, …. word of my ……..


Don’t be a dumbass..

Tuna Gods … only want…………………….wfi…

                     Lottery Tix


Deadly Hype(R,R,R,R,)$$$

Imaginary Friends also          ï

=====>>Kkknow, but You All (R) insidiously in-$$$-ide======


O’ ….Vroom ERY 


i’ve exClaimED    my ∋xp∋ri∋n¢∋

Miss Depth comment,

Express Yourself,

My Name’s Bill.


Imaginary Numbers can be $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Hockkkking






















==========imaginary numbers can be shocking.