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Nobody wants to make Waves

…. all the whilst being swept over

.. by the Current !!

.                                                                        ~~~~~~ a Rogue Wave !!!!  !! !



“One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.”

. – Bertrand Russell

(kinda Backed Up by The Dunning-Kruger effect)




The world as one sees it is a collection of one’s own experiences and any “knowledge” that has been force fed early on via the naive and very impressionable minds of youth and it is this repetitive, force fed collection of ideals that this pamphlet deals with.

Are these ideas ever thoroughly questioned ?

Does an immature mind have the capability to sort through the complexities of multi-layered spin that permeates society ?

I think not, as most high school graduates have trouble with simple algebra !! Thus, these preconceived notions must be set aside and “re-analyzed” as Fact, Fallacy or just an Opinion/Theory (OFF) !!


Analyze Everyone and Everything !!


Do you see what you believe or

do you believe what you see ?




                    Be the Change you want to See in the World.

.                                                           -Mahatma Gandhi




.                                               Imagine – John Lennon




One who dreams of a better world must be open to change; better still one must embrace it as change is the only way to achieve new beginnings.

The first step towards actualizing change is to re-assess the present. This is probably the most difficult part of an individual’s journey or path towards enlightenment.


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                                     Think of TV as the

                                             Proverbial Box

                                                       and think outside of it !



                               It’s All Bullcrap and it’s Bad for Ya !

.                                                                 – George Carlin, RIP


The media’s left-leaning.

…. The media’s right-leaning.

.. The media’s this.

. The media’s that..

Let’s cut the crap, please!

With today’s media conglomerations, the media

is whatever their owners want them to be!

So, who owns the media ?

The Dick Cheney’s of the world or some sweet, caring

guy from your neck of the woods? Most likely the former.

If you think that most of these Uber-Rich guys are sweethearts

look at Robert Murdoch… and think again !!

The Reason most of them became so Wealthy

is because they have

No Scruples when Money is involved.

Think of them like an HMO refusing a costly

proven surgical procedure on a child

because it is in their opinion “Experimental ” !!

and If all else fails…

$$$ <<< distraction and misdirection works every time ! >>> $$$

and whenever possible,

Bastardizing Science with this study says this and then tomorrow

saying another study says quite the opposite.

(Critical Thinkers note: ONLY believe Peer-Reviewed Studies!!).

To the point that average folk’s heads begin to hurt from thinking

and eventually they become putty in the medias’ hands.

Right or Wrong is of Little Consequence to these people,

if they can get away with it !!

They are all for the “Children” until nobody is paying attention like helping Eliminate Poverty just in America.


Neither party talks about the Chronically Poor.

These Oligarchs are mostly Silver Spoon Sucking Douchebags !!

Black Folks’ ancestors were the hardest working people

.                            on the Fucking Planet !!

Where is their wealth to pass down to future generations ?

Oh Wait, ….

( with LOUD Emphasis)

                            They were Fucking Slaves !!


I guess the Bottom Line is the networks owners/execs look out

for their own first and foremost and then they’ll decide what is

good for the rest of us peons.

Now does this sound Left, Right, or Centrist ?

Greed and Corporat-ocracy seems to be

. a Right-wing rally cry, to me.

But, Don’t be FOOLED by either party

as they both truly work for the same people,

Corporations aka Uber-rich or Wealthy !!


What’s the Difference between Rich and Wealthy ??


The # of Lawyers, Judges and Politicians on their Payroll !!


——————page break——————————


                       Fear aka. CSI: Fear Nation


What Can I Say ? Don’t Let Fear Ru(i)n Your Life.

. Ye Shall Overcome !!!


                                    The Government


Once again it comes down to who really Owns the government.
Can you say Lobbyists?
Shouldn’t the government represent the people ?
Where are Common Folks’ lobbyists ???
People with real morals who try to become politicians get eaten up by the flawed and very corrupt system.

The problem could begin to be alleviated once Congress passes a (one bill- > one topic) bill that bans “pork” added to legitimate bills. Thus eliminating a large portion of political trickery and more importantly, saving taxpayers billions of dollars every year on projects pushed through only to get politicians Re-Elected by helping Corporations from their district.

If a project is worthy of the funding requested, let it get through the process as a stand-alone bill.

Nowadays, if a very moral politician votes against a bill to cover

the cost of bullet-proof vests for our soldiers because there are

100 -200 million dollars of earmarks or “pork” added to the bill

to cover say an Alaskan bridge to a remote island, then he can

be “swift-boated” as being against our soldiers.

It really isn’t fair because most citizens are clueless of the details

and once again


.                                  Who owns the media ??

                       They Really Don’t Want an Educated Population !!


The Catch-22 is we need our VERY Corrupt and Hypocritical Government to . Legislate the Changes to Fix Themselves !!!

Voter Initiatives, for now, are the Only way to put the politicians in                                                                   check !!!

Gather signatures for legislation that your state/local politicians                                                 won’t touch …

….Even though the People have Spoken !!

Please, Think about Abolishing the Senate !!!

They are nothing more than big business’s check-mate
on any major changes being attempted !!

Actually, instead,

Abolishing the House of Representatives

does the same thing…



                                                Law Enforcement


When I hear someone say that they want to

become part of law enforcement

I tell them that when looking for the

Real criminals (in terms of # of victims) in our society to

Always keep an eye UPwards !!

Justice is supposed to be Blind, not its Soldiers !!

Blind Faith is, after all things are considered,

still a form of Ignorance !!!



                                       Organized Religion

OK, next subject…..




Mary Jane should be legal soon enough,

Then I would ask

Why Can’t It Be Almost Enough ??!??

Why use heroin, cocaine, meth, …?..

…booze > 1  a day, then smoke a jay.                                                                                     2 titties 2 jays, and 2 beers    )‾ ‾  ‾   ~~     ????  ?? ?


I believe that once marijuana is legal and tried by nearly all, this blog will become less and less relevant

but stay just as true !

Why, You might ask ?

Alcoholism will become much less prevalent !!!!

Yahoo Seriously,

Alcohol can easily turn into Slave Juice
keeping the working class “Asleep”

and blissfully ignorant of reality !

Marijuana elicits Awareness !

It’s such a Friggin’ Slippery Slope from

occasional drinking with friends to -ism

Stay Aware, My Friends ….



Yeah, but did ya ever see (insert movie) on WEE………D ???

.                                                                                  – (Half-Baked)



    why do humans have cannabinoid receptors ??

why did big Pharma use people to study their new cannabinoid receptor BLOCKING drug… how;d that work out, douchebags at the HIGHEST Levels    ????  ?? ?


When people ask me what I do now, I tell them I’m a Mason’s Assistant building The Wall  –>   X  aka      D—-> a stoner…


—-If they are Sooooo wrong on weed, I guess they can be wrong about ANYTHING (or Everything)-yet they still continue dragging their heels in their ignorance/ guana——-I know BatShit!!————–Actual Change is GOOD——————–






                                        Self- Analysis —> Self- Actualization


Now, I could start by saying that real progress is only made through selflessness and almost complete honesty (some Aspie’s greatest trait)

but 90% of you would be out of the mix at that point

(I hear Tom Hanks has raised his level of conscience this way, most likely to a different outcome..)

However, if one is truly honest with self…. ……(long baths help)

then positive change can be made almost

. daily with some aspect of one’s life.


Happiness is when
.                             what you think,

.                                    what you say, and

.                                            what you do are in Harmony.
.            – Gandhi


If one doesn’t begin to “rise” above the status quo,

then they really aren’t trying as the use of

                                       simple logic towers over the status quo !!!!


Even If I am a minority of one, truth is still the truth.

.                                                          – Gandhi


An advanced degree in Tact (this Aspie’s greatest deficiency)

may be necessary before trying any level of Honesty

with some due to the

Astronomically Large Degree of Delusion

in Today’s Society.

. Denial is a River in Africa, Right ?

I have found it best to just Avoid these people

.                               as best I can…

.                    Cognitive Dissonance SEZ What ??

You Cannot Educate Ignorant Ideologues
(Don’t even try, just Walk Away “Smiling” !!)

Who needs their baggage anyway ?

This Weeding out process makes for a much more

.                                     Enjoyable Existence.

———————-page break——————————


                                               Chapter 1


The road towards enlightenment is littered with many unexpected bumps and sharp corners and it is how one deals with these obstacles that truly Defines one-self.

Make good, logical decisions and the way becomes clearer.

Make decisions with other parts of the body besides the brain

at one’s own peril. Love’s a Key to Life but at least think

about the future and use condoms (protection) !!


“I Will Choose a Path that’s Clear, I Will Choose Freewill !! ” –


Being a Rational person means:

IF you can’t Prove it, you can’t Rationally discuss it as Fact.

Science is a Great Thing …(Repeat 3 times)…

Gravity was once just a theory..
. but has since been proven and measured.


Side note:

Can one’s Soul be proven and measured
(the newly found “God Particle” may contain the answer) ??


Whether it’s doubling the number of college students

Graduating or at the very least greatly raising the level of

America’s basic Critical-Thinking skills, our Country needs

to rapidly show significant improvement or face the

consequences as our current path is fast approaching an

.                                                Idiocracy !!


We keep electing these same douchey politicians, right?

….                               We expect a Difference ?!?

..                Words have Meaning,

.           Don’t just throw around Ignorant Rhetoric !!

Look shit up !! Read !! Do your Friggin’ Homework !!

Be a Responsible, Intellectually Honest Person !!

Don’t Stand for Hypocrisy in any part of your life !!

                                     Call It Out !!


                    Question Everyone and Everything !!

( It gets pretty easy as the sad picture becomes clearer !!! )


“To think deeply is a double edged sword… at times I used to

wish I was not so deeply curious about everything, but

experience has taught me that it is in embracing everything

– good and bad, uplifting and painful – that the soul evolves

and our inner strength becomes manifest.” – A.S.


* Since ones’ soul hasn’t yet been scientifically proven, all

instances of such herein should be thought of as “soul”.

——————–page break——————————


                                            Still Here ????? Good !!!


“One of the hardest things to Teach [anyone] is
that the Truth is more important than the Consequences.”

. – O. A. Battista


            Don’t Blame the Poor for their Poverty !!

———————-page break——————————


                    Remember, Don’t take any of this as Dogma !!

Put down these pages for a period of time..

do some Un-Biased research..
.                         Check it out for Yourself..

….Long Baths ………Introspection…..Re-evaluations….

.                                  Repeat as Necessary.




Begin to see yourself as a Soul with a Body

.                              rather than a Body with a Soul.

.                            – W.D.



—————————-page break——————————

Does Wall Street truly care about Main Street ?

Corporate Espionage, Insider Trading

and other Chicanery is the
.                Status Quo
Behind the Doors of the Corporate Boardrooms
.                             and the
White-Male-Only Social Clubs of the “Elite”.

The Average Person has Little of this Useful Information

available to help them determine what is really happening

Internally at these corporations selling their stock.

Stocks are in a very real sense,

Corporate lottery tickets (buy them and then just TRUST the                                                                                   Corporate Ho’s not to screw ya !!)

.                        and
Every Math Teacher
.                       will tell you the same thing about lotteries,

.                           It’s best to just save your money.


Try Separating Greed from Democracy

.                             and you might have something !!

That was however a pipe dream as the old

Republican administration with their Democratic enablers

have proven. The best candidates aren’t from these parties. Rationalites pull their hairs out over the current

mindset in Washington. Now we are seeing Corporations

asking for [More and More] government assistance to pay

to fix Big Businesses Screw-Ups !!!!!

Socialized Corporat-ocracy is as in-humane as not helping eliminate Poverty. But eliminating poverty just in America doesn’t mean profits for Corporations, so it can’t be “good” for our Democracy !!

Actual Change (Alot of it)

and not that same old empty F’n Political Rhetoric

is the only way our country can pull out

of this depressing recession.

To compound things, Democracy today is a travesty of

humanity for 50% + of our citizens, ie. those of us who

live paycheck to paycheck.

Can one really argue against that ?

Little is as soul draining as working for the “man”

40-60 plus hours a week just to be barely able to house,

cloth, and feed ones’ family

. (Welcome to the Machine !)

Never mind any unexpected problems and expenses !!!!

If you and the company that employs

you make it through a 20 year marriage,

You may get a decent retirement package, if you’re lucky !!

Now, I’m NOT truly against Capitalism or Democracy per se,

I just believe that:

Every Human Being has an Unalienable Right to a

Minimum Standard of Living that Guarantees

Free Healthcare to Anyone needing it

.                                  And

a Free College Education to Anyone wanting it.

.                           FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights

is the Grand Bargain that WE should be chasing !!!!!

If the Rich have to pay more Taxes for such,

.                             It is the Humane thing to do !!!



How about this as an exercise in life.

Next time one looks in the mirror,

Imagine oneself in thirty years (ie. Like your parents are now !!).

What is the world like then ?

Do you like what you’ve “Become” ? ……

Probably Not as most people end up like their parents

.                               (ie. status quo) !

A Corporate Ho, Who doesn’t even Know !

The time to change your outcome is Now !!

What jobs then aren’t soul-suckers ??

These are, IMHO, the Keys to Life, my friends !!

Teaching, Volunteer Work or anything positive

that doesn’t feel like it is work !!!

—————————–page break———


.                                   Chapter 2


21st Century Pragmatism Vs. Quagmires R Us ?


The Iraq-Afghanistan War,
War against Terrorism (Guantanamo Bay is still open)
The War on Ridding our Country of its Corporate Criminals . (Yeah Right !!) and its partner,

WTF to do about the Economy (TAX the RICH times 1,000),
The War against Poverty (Does Anyone Truly Care??? Occupy This….) The War on Drugs . (Legalize Them ALL and deal with it as a Pragmatist !!), Health Care (Single-Payer Option !!)

Environmental Issues (just acknowledging the problem is a start),

Frack You !! ….> Frack You 2 Obama..(corporate bitch)..!!!

………and then we had a Catastrophic Oil Leak that Nobody
seemed to be able to do anything about all caused by corporate greed and our government’s incompetency in regulating these corporations gone wild.

Sure, you can blame W. for putting these despicable cronies
in positions to monitor corporations in which they

have indisputable conflicts of interest.

However, Obama didn’t change much when he took over…
. and still Hasn’t !!

Thus, the blame lies with both equally !!!

Obama was a “thinker” but one has to wonder about the

people he’ s surrounding himself with continually !!

WTF were/are they doing still trying to be Bi-Partisan
when dealing with these brain-dead obstructionists in the GOP.
What is really needed is a strong third and fourth party to . bring about some kind of intelligent discourse.

This he said, she said bullshit is getting old while
. the truth is never seeing the light of day.

The spin from both sides makes the truth harder to figure out than stock market derivatives !!

Surrounding oneself with Scientists/Professors
and not career politicians (Hillary, who ?) is the

First step for any incoming administration.

Which opens the door for step two..

Pragmatism, it would seem, is the only way to right the clueless policies of not only the Reagans and Bushs but also the conservativeness or fearfulness of the Clintons in implementing anything totally unconventional like

Universal Healthcare (single payer option).

The time for thinking outside the box is fading. It’s time to climb outta the F(n) Box as it has begun to smell worse than a dog that stumbled upon a pack of skunks.

Obama brought Hope but Remember without Wholesale Change(s)

.                                         The FIX IS STILL IN


and Common Folk Lose Once Again !!!!!

Change Can Start by First:

Abolishing either the Senate or the House of Representatives !


Eliminating the Electoral College !!


Have All Voters Utilize A Ranked Ballot System !!!!!!!!

** The metaphor of identifying a person as a douche or douchebag is intended to associate a variety of negative qualities, specifically Arrogance and Malice.


The Bottom Line

WAKE UP and Smell Their Bullshit
.                                  or
Doom Future Generations to also become
game pieces or pawns in the Wealthy’s sick game,

The Circle (Jerk) of “Life ” !!!!!!!!

Viva La Revolution !!!!




1 in 3 Black Men will spend time in Prison
Not jail-time for a bender but PRISON
mostly for non-violent drug charges (via Snitches)
Obama has done Nothing about it, WHY ???
(He actually makes it worse by default)

Is he a Corporate Ho, who doesn’t even know ?

Does he Lack Passion for his People (Dis-Connected) ?

,                                          or

Does he not truly care about these “Felons” ?

Where’s the Hope and Change !??! ….. ’13 update: LOL

Drug Use/Abuse is not a Criminal Matter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Inheritance or Equality Tax should be:

90% on every dollar over a Million with No Exceptions !!!

Maybe then they wouldn’t be so Greedy in Life                                                                            . (Food for Thought ?????)

Try giving your kids something they need more than CASH,

.                    LOVE and Affection !!!!!!!!

.                         Be A Real Parent

Not a Sugar Daddy Douchebag who spawns

.                                          these Monsters onto Society !!!!


Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once ? Men generally, under such a government as this, think that they ought to wait until they have persuaded the majority to alter them. They think that, if they should resist, the remedy would be worse than the evil. But it is the fault of the government itself that the remedy is worse than the evil. It makes it worse. Why is it not more apt to anticipate and provide for reform ? Why does it not cherish its wise minority ??

Why does it cry and resist before it is hurt ?

Why does it not encourage its citizens to be on the alert to point out its faults, and do better than it would have them ?

– from Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience”


Just found this great blog by my favorite Astro-Physicist,

Neil deGrasse Tyson

and it got me thinking that if we gave everyone an optional,

FREE College Education

Then limited voting to ONLY people with a College Education
We would definitely be much, much better off !!!

THAT is Not Elitist !!!!!


“The prestige of government has undoubtedly been
lowered considerably by the prohibition law.
For nothing is more destructive of respect
for the government and the law of the land than
passing laws which Cannot be Enforced”

– Albert Einstein



My Favorite Gandhi-isms…..

If by strength is meant moral power, Then Woman is immeasurably man’s superior.

First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you Then you WIN.

There is no way to peace; peace is the way.

When restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible.

Nobody can hurt me without My Permission.

Whenever you have truth it must be given with love,
or the message and the messenger will be rejected.

An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s Greed.

You may never know what results come of your action,
but if you do Nothing there will be No Result.

The Evolution of democracy is not possible
if we are not prepared to hear the Other Side.

Patience means self-suffering.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the Strong.

Truth alone will endure; all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time.

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better
than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.

There are many causes I would die for. There is Not a single cause I would kill for.

Corruption and Hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are Today.

Even If I am a minority of one, Truth is still the Truth.

Happiness is

. when what you think,

. what you say,

. and what you do are in

. Harmony.





Know your Rights as a U.S. Citizen and Potential Juror:

Jury Nullification

Spread the Word !!!!!


My 2 cents about eliminating some:

unnecessary bureaucracy
saving/collecting billions a year:

Eliminate the IRS,

Have a 50% Flat Tax Rate for any Income over 250K,

X = ??, X % for any Income between 50K and 250K

No Taxes for any Income under 50K,

No Exceptions !!


Ban Political Contributions of any kind and you can’t use

your own money to run !!!!

Which levels the “playing field” across society.

Thus, Cutting all the Corporate and Individual Lobbyists

. off at the balls !!!

If a politician gets the necessary signatures from his/her state

or district they get an allotted amount of money

to run for office.

If they win the election,

Then they get a strict budget to operate within !!!

That’s It !!!

You cut out all the political bullcrap !!

You make it so that the political job isn’t a lucrative one
(have oversight on their financial records).

Thus, only people with good intentions

want to take these average paying jobs.

The Fundamentals of our Democracy must Change
If the Experiment is to Continue !?!

Viva La Revolution !!!!






People that Despise you will Analyze and Criticize you,
. Don’t let these people Compromise You !!!!!!!!

Matt Taibbi: Americas’ Greatest F'(n) Journalist

1951 – 1963: The Good Old Days, For Sure (Top Tax Rate)!!

The American Dream !!

Robin Hood Tax: A Good Idea ??

Steal This Movie ……. Abbie “Normal” Rules !!!

Aspie is Asperger’s, Not ASS-Burgers


Ladies and Gentlemen, Glenn Beck and ??


. Hippie =

Highly Intelligent Person Pursuing Individual Enlightenment
. – Anonymous

The Dunning-Kruger effect

If you Don’t Appreciate Deviation from the Norm (in terms of approach to life) All You’ll ever Get is the Status Quo ! ie. A Corporate Ho who doesn’t even Know !!! (well, now you know)



Ultra-Conservatism is like Constipation of the Brain !!


T. H. E. = Tact Honesty Empathy



The most meaningful quote

about living with Asperger’s that I’ve ever heard:

Your gift is seeing through the lies that others tell themselves,

Your curse is choosing when to let them know.

– A quote by someone called Uncle Harlan, that isn’t necessarily about Autism but it describes how i feel to a “T”



An Interesting hour long Video about Karl Marx who famously

Wrote among-st other things,

“Religion is the Opiate of the Masses.”


Do you think that the Truth

is more Important than the Consequences?

Snowden and Manning believe IT !!!

True Americans Want

the Truth and Nothing But The Truth………

NOT the Allure of Some Big Deal

Not the Latest Bling


an NSA Letter saying that

. Being a peace activist

. is Equivalent to being a terrorist (A Police State)



Douchebags of Liberty (They Live) !!!!

Gang Stalking a Targeted Individual = We Got One that Can SEE

Kudos to The Daily Show w/ John Stewart for the term DOL


side note: When George Carlin died some media douchebags

had to point out that in his later years he used to get into

verbal altercations with homeless people. I guarantee those

weren’t all ordinary homeless people !!

They were “paid” homeless snitches

involved in gang-stalking…

After which some in the media (cough!! mainly on FOX) tried

to deflect from this brilliant man’s career with some cheap,

pithy epitaph ending with these altercations !!

. Shameless !!!!

. We Love Ya, George !!


Every Once in awhile try Asking yourself

Was I brought into this reverse polarity world

To be the best or the worst ????

Which way is up ??

To be the best at profiteering means that one

should act like the worst person and,

in my case, the opposite is also true

To be the best person that I can be,
I have to only think only about

the greater good of humanity !!

T.H.E. = Tact, Honesty, EMPATHY !!!

(although I struggle with Tact !!)

The older generations decided…and…
they lied their way into profits with deceptive tact

and little, if any real Empathy !!!

. to the point that

The Circle of Life is now gone Full Circle-Jerk of Lies !!!!

Even the Poor STILL want to keep their kids

. IGNORANT of Reality !!!!

(“but, they can’t handle the truth”) === >

. Well, Obviously Neither Can You, Jackass !!

Truly an IDIOCRACY in the making !!!

(laugh or cry, both equally appropriate ..)

Oligarch’s love to throw around the term,

Meritocracy like a hammer,
. this is the biggest pile of BULLCRAP !!!

LOOK Around !! Do You See Justice in any walk of life here ??

You WILL NOT get honest debate around family members

(especially under-educated ones)

So Please, Just Wait and

Test all your thoughts and beliefs

in post-secondary (college) Academia !!!!

Talk (and LISTEN) to others who have

different perspectives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Admit it, when others prove your Indoctrination is Incorrect !

Be A Changed person from that moment on !!

Otherwise, you’re lying to yourself !!!! Liar

The best way to approach this is by being a

True “Curious George” !!!

Try PBS as your News outlet !!!

Find an unbiased book of beginners

Logic and Critical Thinking !!

and make the world truly better for your kids !!!!


I can’t draw but my sunday comic would read:

A bunch of slaves all chained up working in the cotton fields.

BO (now somehow unchained and runnin’)

Rest of Slaves (yelling): Barry, Come Back, Help Us !!!!

BO (still runnin’): Fuck OFF, Unchain Yourselves, I’ssa IT !!!

(extended pause)

Slaves: (lovingly) You are The Shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Some might counter that BO never had a chance
when dealing with these obstructionist Repukes,

Don’t Believe That for a Second !!!

He had the upper hand,

He just continually played it badly…

Like a true Centrist Democrat !!!


The Whole U.S. Capitalistic Economy is like a

. Huge Fucking “Led Zeppelin”

. with

Madison Avenue constantly painting new facades across it.

Those Turd Blossom-ers team up

with the Mainstream Media (Ho-Ho-Hoes)

to constantly fix leaks on the Mother-Ship

Blowing tons of hot air up the ass of

Uncle Sam’s Bitch whilst simultaneously

giving the Public a …… Reach-Around

This flight (or Experiment) will however, only end one way

. and Gravity Wins …..


. 2084

. Questions for the Future


Will there be computer-controlled flying cars/transports ?

(Roads, Where we’re going, There’s NO Need for Roads” – BTTF talking about 2015 )

Will there be any need for fossil fuels ?

Doubtful as supply is negligible

Will nuclear fission/fusion be safe on a large scale ?

Space travel / Space colonization ? Almost Certainly
(“We can’t be all there, if we’re all here !” – Dr. Tyson)

Population control ? Almost Certainly as China already does (and they own us).

Education or Idiocracy ??????

Poverty / Hunger ? Food Source ? Water ?

Government ? Socialism ?? Money ??

Global Warming Effects ???

Telepathy / Signs of Evolution ?? Fingers Crossed….







When growing up,

Selfish-ness was frowned upon !

however as one gets older “Family-ness” is par for the course

It is much, much worse; Think selfish and very, very arrogant

ie. a real monster in the making …

People today care about their family circle 10 times more than they care about anyone else..

It effects everyone eventually but people WON’T put the pieces together…that guy “who broke into your house or another crime” just needs basic shelter services and proper medical/mental care which he can’t afford because the capitalist system is unjust, in that it is lottery-winning difficult to turn a dollar into a million as opposed to turning a million into 2 million (a monkey could turn a dollar into two.) That’s all they are doing and they think like fucking Trump!!!, Narcissists ..anything else is redundant!!!

These narcissists will use mental abuse “White Noise” (gang-stalking)…… Be aware of these Alpha Douchebags!! Do you think they will not rat on you, ,,,, if their “career”/reputation depends on it?????? Remember they can do no wrong and Y’all are “Infidels”!!!

check, please Garçon !!!


as Bill Murray’s character in the great flick, (Rushmore) states “Take dead aim on the rich boys. Get them in the cross–>hairs and take them down. Just remember, they can buy anything but they can’t buy backbone. Don’t let them forget it. Thank you. ” !!

Keep on Swinging !!

Chop, Chop ( meta-4:21 ically speaking) !!!!!



great example of the “10:1” in action…….


the career of comedian Dennis Miller

at first he seemed righteous, calling out douchebags

then he got Married with Children

…. and he became

Family-centric, a delusion in which

He worries So Much about his family and the future .. he loses all perspective ( Empathy—>>>Humanity )

. and

He not so gradually loses his Soul

Now he is just a Shill for faux news …

…. a Pathetic human being

.. Society Suffers but he gets paid …..



Don’t be like him……

Care about everybody and less about yourself……….


Good Luck….



You Want to know why France is now

a more Exceptional country than U.S. ??

Their Government FEARS the People

and NOT the other way around !!!

Total Shutdowns occur there when

the people take to the streets !!!!!!

We got it Backwards, Once Again …

. – da Contrarian Repor(t)

We are basically a second rate

or a second world banana like republic,

Right, Obama !!! Call Me !!

Oh, that’s right !! You’re already listening !! Ya Bitch !!


. “WWJD” ???

. …….. LOFL !!!!

probably start by saying: I got your Backs, Truth-Seekers…

And btw,

I’m a million times better than those tools at the NSA/GOV

and I’m taking meticulous notes on them and all others

involved in ANY way for “future reference.”

Live Long and Stay Soul-full !!!

We’ll be checking soul levels at the Front Gate !!!!!!







Alrighty Then, . basically, I’m truly sorry for being “rude” whilst . testing your foundations.

However I stand by my words as they have meaning and purpose

Which is to promote Humanity instead of Dogma                                                                                                                   and it’s . Inevitable Ignorance !!!!

It’s hard to balance Humanity and Love of Family but

. neither is truly BIGGER than the other.

non-greedy providing is one thing but,

If “providing” for your family is your conscience,

. Then you’ve already~~~/ /~~~~> ….. lost your way….




da Contrarian Repor(t)


Prologue: da Conclusions


I know this blog jumps all over the place. However, one theme becomes abundantly clear…. Big Time Change is inevitable and the populace, better be ready to vote out these greedy traitors to american ideals..not christian f’n stupid ideals but empathetic ideals combined with a healthy dose of Pragmatism …,

Re-shuffle the decks on the Zeppelin…

“Socialism” can WORK !!

next Thought: You can only reproduce if you’re a productive citizen.

Then: This isn’t gonna be like movies such as Logan’s Run where everyone must wear THE uniform and/or their name is eliminated and replaced with THX-1138… That is Sci-Fi bullcrap as the future reality can be whatever people dream about…

Just start by dealing with the concept that everyone has food/shelter/healthcare… Does anyone with an ounce of empathy for humanity have a problem with that?? Really ?? ….. Really ?????

Ayn Rand can go Fuck Herself, the petty Bitch !!!

Humanism is what it really is……

It seems Neuro Typical people decide things with their heart and NOT by reason….

This is our seemingly fatal flaw which has stemmed the progress of society….

Some people, and they know who they are, want to slow down any progressive-ness (Pro-Regress, All IC, Trump-ty)  any way possible

….keeping control = status quo

Keep on Swinging !!

Hey, Hey,….





Under The Dome (which jumped the shark in S3)


I had a Truly American Dream….. food, shelter, healthcare, a college education, fast internet, and clean, efficient, transportation via computerized flying cars were all provided to every household Gratis.

Usary of any kind is Banned as there is no money, Imagine!!!

Each community has a water desalination plant and gardens galore….

When something necessary is invented every household will have the specs sent to their 3D printer for creation.

Everyone can then only be judged by one’s true actions as monetary issues cause no problems nor stress !!

Narcissists would freak-out as their actions would stick out like a little white guy in the NBA.

They remind me of the all the bad in the Blue Ribbons from (Disturbing Behavior)


Do Good Things, Lunch boy !!!!  !! !






Tree Fales f-UN a Quipt

With me on the Left and Trump on the Right…

I don’t think you’ll be hearing anymore talk of a Rapture…soon

We are both Hated…..

Karma Karma Karma…

.                                                         –    Karmas’ Chame lion






Personal Autism Factoid:                                                                                                              don’t expect anything conversational  if i am standing…. [cookie, what ?] rarely  gonna happen.without something to work with .and it will be full of miscues                 iFit dOes

Personal Autism Suggestion:                                                                                                         realize that u have to actively participate in the woo or there can be NO 2 and a laugh of us 

you all either aren’t paying attention to what i write or you’re not a fan...the deck is already double-stacked Plus against me…WTF                                                

Me wonders whom y’all are “listening” to as they shirley have ulterior motivation$$$$$corn’shuckers$$$$$$                                                                                      With that kinda checking sources for duplici-Ties and BS, y’all ain’t gonna change shit….Bad info = Red Flag.. branch out from heir and you’ll see all kinds of ACT=WHORES backing up said BS…. keep notes, ladies…..

who RU….. Fans.?….all i see and hear are the 85%-errs

i can’t avoid them until i know who is cool and who is KoolAid drunk

See this is where Empathy allows you to see my perspective..which hopefully would have changed your TACTics  !?!    It’s not that easy when UR a drinker cuz the headaches, fuzzy-rain…bran… whateva                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 wouldn’t a legal thin mint  have jumped my bones by now ????  ?? ?

guess i’m populame..  (Spock V )


Autism personal factoid:

I am always looking for a seat as i think butta when relaxed..                 .never relaxed on my feet.(standing)... gravity of it                                                                       gall !?! ===







Depreciation:                                                                                                                                                                 What is Respect for other Losers ?        Alex

those kinda Losers are the backbone of Humanity                                                                                                                               Douchie, Wouchie

====speakin of appreciation, I guess I missed out on a Nobel Prize this year.. It was quite a year that i called the action for  from my booth way up High @UM…. I forget=========================


==Me===Location, Location..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~/

go where i’m loved,, outside the ButToxic==

this is where Nobel coulda helped



<21 y.o. girls… how many are already alkies,,, ????

Way UnCool,   your  brain is fucked !!!!!!   

==========Pukin’ On, I mean Party ON =============



===the amount of time and $,$$$,$$$ they invest in and around  just me Hearly….to put up Dearset … facades..and this is just the details that i catch.. AND what did they get for it GALL, themselves!!!!!i know it’s always me me me whatever.                                                                                             … u peeps have a unique perspective to these Truman Show RICO racketeers ….WHeir       requests/changes/RICO ACT-ionable protocallsomeone who cares?…write…… c⊗⊗rdiNATION               matrix -approximating………NEO… ¿BIG Secret?….Provable in Court?… the gameBall is ALWAYS  Good,Hellunder-inflated.                                                                                 take it to the internet-byways


on a lighter note: did ya hear that Ottawa / Canada wants to restrict  2017 sales of MJ to basically only people over 25, fuzz the Brain is still developing til WHen?   

HypocritiCalled out so loud hear .C… the drinking age there is 19  !!

6 WHole years of be-coma-Toasting  Alcoholics                                                                                 (what about that SHirs?…




Donu’t U ..Touch that WHeil.          Bee                                                                                              back with. SNORE of ya flava  writ  REALity   Soul



Bill @HicksWay …. “Smoke” Weed, Mandatory         

stop the internal dialog………

Reputtah… let me climb up the Ladder of your G-Love

Diet Time….<<======NO Anchovies, Please

Harvey BallBuster sez:


        I Want My    /       ØΝŌ         \   2 Dollas !! 




Feds..what good are ya, if you know what’s happening to me by the gaylords/locals/…….cuz alot of them R  U    .and u do nothing   …complicity criminal..that’s something that feds don’t really care about as they are above y’all……… So,  You want sympathy from people with the shit you pulled on me with my alcohol-reduced- mother’s consent (“Mrs. Soprano”(Tony’s mom) , she said it first) to stop me from ever writing this.

I had just as many rights living there as her and you shitstains RICOed your way through all legalities just to get your way…well MFs, it hasn’t worked and i’m still sitting Bill whilst U continually shit out bull.

United Nations, Please, Operator….Hi,….. UN,    I am requesting an impartial review of my ‘case’  here in the US of A,   My Liberty and purrSUITs of happiness have been thrashed !!

you know how to get in touch with


I’m tellin ya, UN —                                                                                                                        I know they “own” ya, butt try to have some backbone, Hear !!!!  !! !

People of the World,                                                                                                                                I AM the epitome of the American Sc-ream for Justice !!

look deeply, there are many HIDDEN LAYERS dating back .to Florida during W’s timeclock ./..then back to Mom’s basement after graduation  .. to eventually begin this !!!!

I’m sure the files, consent forms/FDIC records have been misplaced ..                                                                                                                                                                         Liberty and justice for  Whom????  ?? ?



————I really expect little from them as this wasn’t just me whining again,,,, i want people to eventually find out the truth about how they have tried to block this blog and Me from future generations…ie,        U        —————-

The WhistleBlower of Reality, butt                                                                                     (maybe only ‘Dogs‘ can,   U Here Meow ????  ?? ?

FU@CongressionalHearingRequest … Rigged-til Mortis

=====Civil Writes…. U ????  ?? ?=====

Welcome To Wild Western Civilization


Can you imagine a hefty lefty getting this much crazy press ????  ?? ? or ANY

                                           Remember THAT

you don’t have to like me personally, to understand that this is all that and a big bag of Jell Lap A NO chips

”””””’I can’t say this enuff….Smoke Weed (MMJ)… take da bus ..                    u know what’s really cool.. the passenger seats,,,                                                                             Put Down the Alcohol til ,,, weekend    s.                                         …u know..once maybe twice a week…                                                                            ~~~tread lightly  KINDa like a ~~~thread~~~~                                         ~~&~~~~DonUt play RIGHT INTO the MAN’s~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~Hand…duh limited thUnker… with many~~~blackouts….         / ~~~~~~~~~

Try going against the current while being an alkie !!?!!                                                   N⊕ Chance, ……….                                                                                           Mary Jane sez Hi????  ?? ?



Be the Ball,,, Not the Fall ………guy   blush =====> Lush

try and Stay Cool and Be Careful… RE: republicans’ of amherst douchepaper /blog ///////// I just wanna say he is a microcosm of your futures.. any attempt at changes will result in backlash like you’ve never have way more strings attached to you than you ever thought                                                                                                                                      (they will be tuggin away.. Kicking&Screaming&BitingHard).                                                                 WaaaahWTF.

they hold all the cards EXCEPT the Ballot box, for NOW . Got Balls, Ladies  ??


Voted Today 10/5    (Qs: NNYY) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The tree (I Tree) beside …Garmin House is my version of the W trees

/////////////////////////a/Majestic Beauty//////////////////

did i eva tell ya that when i was a rugrat, my uncle and grandpa took me to Fenway many times..the most relevant was.. we were 15 rows behind Reggie Jackson in RF looking directly into the yankees dugout as billy martin blew a gasket and kicked reggie out of the game,,,, he was a little lackadaisical in OF ,   but not that much……


It is the media’s fault that Trump is still Relevant and Not dismissed as the pond scum that he is!!

The “conspiracy” like fault truly lies squarely on the people who own the biz.. soul-less (we miss ya Ted Turner ) pond scum wannabees…

like i stated b4, they will never truly denounce any right wing scalawag , even when convicted and disgraced. there is always a place for a corporate lapdog  (safety netting has been Illuminatid / verified this election Psych-L

why doesn’t mark cuban start a news organization ??

Somebody ???  Not Trump…although we do have a fascination watching Copwhile on hops



Socialism is Inevitable….peeps…….peace….salami bacon





with those numbers and the ‘fierceness of my enemies’ …… wiliest  constantly quaking foundations worldwide …..makes me not wanna go to Mardi Gras type events….  HalLo-weaning  …U.C. Flaskers.


The WhistleBlower of Reality, maybe only Dogs can Hear ME ????  ?? ?

You wanna know why the

Proliferation of Guns shouldn’t happen ????  ?? ?


Well, if almost everyone has a gun, then any “random” group with half a brain can create scenarios where the “accidental” shooting of a targeted (bountied) individual could happen with the shooter(s) only facing negligence charges… payday soon after and a (made man) til it is his Turn Wo0 !!

Welcome To Wild Western Civilization



Do you think we are EXporting much primo weed to Mexico  ??




Did i ever tell ya about the time i came home and found  Corey staring at a  1/2 melted can of  my frozen OJ, Why? he thought the first direction said Concentrate..

. …. (Corey):  i’ve been trying for half an hour but it’s hard being hear watchin’ THE Motel...

Ricky:   Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaa    )– Dum- bass… clean that shit up and go get me some smokes and        that new   pepperoni jerky ….                                i here it turns your shit blackish….



what is the ONLY reason that i have stayed out of trouble……

Nobody to distract me while i drive!!

Let me state that Route 9 in the 007 is a Guardrail ~~~~~> Nightmare               even when empty…and i’m always yawning along that stretch…

Lots of roads around the valley have your car leaning one way while expecting you to make a  correction “against the grain” (grade)

the roads behind walmart need much more leveling and’s not like there’s no F’n room… ‘Civil’ ization is treading through the farms and they likes flat pavement with no telephone poles practically in the roadways..  WTF,  come winter, Danger Strangers to that area (Hampshire college) …..why that college hasn’t put up a stink (like the morning breeze over the cow pasture)… Be Careful…

or maybe it’s me and i just need a new suspension..

Slam DunkYard

Θ♥Θ   wow…. how many licks…          ?

if ya  thin mints really liked me…

[ ex-pec-ted:       who is marky mark?, alec]

¯‾¯          ¯‾°¯      ~~                   …  P

The Bus just went  ______ BYe


Sad,  Butt Chew:

my Magic 7 Gall sez:


\Dank U, Cum aGin\\

Thinkin of gettin me a Party Bus !!  in My Pants !!!!

I’m Just Sayin What Y’all B Thinkin;…..      ROboCopS

believe me, when i’m not around they’ll be veering religiously via  Hacks to the incorrect…  2  SSDD Hear @Quabbin,     ..DreamCatchers 


Tailgating:@HC ’15           I see  Cop mouthing to  other..                                                                                          . Don’t Worry, We’ll Get Him  …..


Is this how we want OUR cops to act like                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         they have a grudge….

Justice is Blind, Correct  ???

Doesn’t Seem that Way !! Me


For smokers, the (world is your ashtray).

To the NRA, we are seemingly  just clay pigeons. (Skeetchy)



=======anybody remember how 10 years ago, karl rove and Co. were looking at their destiny….a Utopia of corruption, cronyism, general do nothing correctness… had solidified the republican party for the foreseeable future ????????>>>=======


Maine   is out of the gate and approaching the tough part ==================


when she gets positives for the RICH,


the    poor     never know !!!!

BUT, when she gets a  she gets an extra banana                                                                                                           for those ‘damn dirty apes’

The RICH….BITCH  (and are always heard )))))        !!!!  !! !



My un-requested 2017 Graduate Speech Theme

Intellectual Integrity


What and Why’s !!!!  !! !


If you learn something today in classes ..

Intellectual Integrity suggests you think about how it alters your perceptions and actions in some way.

and test out new theories tomorrow… correct ? fun !!

Pillar  Talk

The opposite of that is Pillar building /heartfelt ignorance/fear/religion/ ….

look around at all the pillars


===Who knew Wilbur could talk.??… oh good they’re  back….)====




You need to be confident w/o arrogance

(a fine line—hubris is—->’ ) not a fine whine!


Please try not to dwell too much on minutia.

Keep an eye on the Big Picture

whole    fail   .. D             changeas they will surely try to consistently sidetrack anyone attempting change

College’s Reward is about becoming proficient at identifying problems and having the confidence to adjust and adapt to find real well thought out (congress, not!!) solutions and this confidence branches out into all aspects of ones’ life…

(or in congress’ case, manifests itself in the clusterf@ck that we “cherish” as the greatest country)


This election season also highlights the need for a ranked ballot where you pick 1 to # in order of preference… then if the first place ballots don’t find a  >50% candidate, on to the second choice.. look it up.. it’s the fairest way to always avoid the dreaded, if bernie isn’t the dnc candidate. i’m voting for jill stein who has no chance without this kinda ballot.. i’m never voting for hillary… but then Trump will Win…          C they rigged the system to 2 parties and they own them both !!!(christie wins,,,

Trump Talk:

his followers love his no compromise…. no deep thinking                                           too hungover to find 2 connectable neurons….. BATSHIT isms  !!                                          he panders to the LCD….the same  baby boomers

$$$Family-centric$$$$   Not ………..plain common sense

who sold their souls butt, not for Rock N Roll.


a book about Rump Roast should be titled:

The Pathos To  ========>> wer   orDeal


TV Talk

Most tv commercials contain “subliminal”  propaganda                                              ( sucking the systems balls, u might point out.)

Automotive makers are near the top as they have little else to say or they could talk about ALL THEIR Fuck-Ups)

I call on y’all to remember how and why they do it, hopefully from your psychology  classes.

open your eyes and ears to ALL the BS that they are gonna throw at you until you vote for systematic change…


Intellectual Integrity  vs. Dogma


one of millions of past…. roll of the eyes to math/science/realisms

best example: guns and ammo and government… i feel safe ?>


example:   Fracking

earlier this century, there were earthquakes in NJ.                                                                                                                Lotsa little badda booms.

Curiously around these areas fracking was beginning

red flag ! ohhhhhh yeah….

Intellectual Integrity,,demands ,, EPA stop the fracking country-wide to look into that and other flammable water  correlations which the frackers still deny today despite overwhelming “coincidences”.. dogmatism..  

So capitalism is  almost always trumping    intellectual Integrity

Frack You                                                                                                                                                    E.P.A.,  Obama, hillary, muffin man, bush, cheney, haliburton, .

it is this inherent  trainwreck of ignorant capitalistic  dogma that duh  forefathers have passed on to millenials.


Analyze and question it all  ~~~~

You will find that Where        I meets I

Their right is wrong,              ⇐       ⇐        ⇐    so go left !!!





           When ALL your Dreams are SCHEMES …
               U might B       a candidate for      
            Trump’s Inner  hairpiece Circle                                           
                                                        a Real POS !!!



====aka=====Trouble with a capital RUBBLE====(in da wake)====

It’s like SOO Sour old guard don’t want to admit to anything, thus saving themselves the egg on their face until they are dead…                  well, it’s breakfast 24 hours here and when i’m cookin’                                                                                                       the yokes are fly’n ….   bitches



      ========You know who the hardest people to make fun of R without sounding like a true dick ????  ?? ?                                                                                                                    ====A S ocialist !=========== 

Tired of stupid commercials./.propaganda,,

? turn off the sound ? I do for sporting events as i know most rules and can figure it out myself.. (although looking forward to my all-time  fave sportswriter’s son on MNF)




(arrogance alert in the cockpit)     




word to the street                                                                                                                                                I am  da    SupperBowl  League MVP !!!! !! !

…….. How About One More      <Tom>….. Write?


yep,  uP against the fuckin Giants again,    m♥NeY (TP)



Boom went the wHUT, wHUT?

Yup,            Fuck,     Good enuff for Hell‘s Bells



Fuck Trump Too, He Never Ah…cCounted for Nuttin…………..               Any E  waysTED?No he sez that shit sober!!                                                                           <For Pete‘s SAKE>, ….Whut wiz wong with woo weeple !!

update: working title of my new blog is

Tales from the Quipt / DD Tales from the Quipt


Don't let Fear Interfere...                                                                    .     or Enter Fear (a descending loop)

why did i stop, you thought.?.  mostly piss and vinegar would come out and that would be arrogant  -------when i'm not having fun..........timed out----------Funny------I keep talking, ThoughTs------

====insert caption of ======= =======Dwayne Johnson in a Ford Service TV commercial where he stands only on his left leg === == 4 tires on 2 arms on 1 leg === == laughed my ass off when i saw it saturday night =L== ===========

Hey, Gym RockFord,                                                            .   don't mess with any Kurt Russell files, Man..

it's kinda like remaking a Gene Hack(ed)Man film
maybe the disney ones   ,,,,                             btw, .nice tits, i mean commercials.                                                                                                                                                                                        ..milk those bags for now.

maybe if the tread on your feet gets low,                                                                                                                       

Re-TIRE ?? meep meep..   , LOFL

i should let it go....

Bill Maher, you Centrist POS, your dreamhurl is somewhere between ann's cunt and hillary's taint..with implants.and then he/she loses their voice from throat cancer from your DNA. so then you can ....go on and fucking on talking about yourself, uninterrupted.. Folks, critical thinking should tell you he's now a very rich doucheflag with a pulpit. Fuck a grain, take this 1%-er weiner with a 'mega-serving' of salt.

  'i checked myself for white privilege' oh, you arrogant sob (checked) that's code for arrogance which is your middle name, you don't realize arrogance oozes from everybit of your greassssssssy existence????..! Barney likes that..white arrogance needs to be eliminated and, at the least, it needs to be held in escrow, with no 24 hour teller,   bitch!!...  

Go choke on a Mets hot dog  .......                                                                                                                                                                                                  ...amongst your SH-ilk..

============= He Bongs OvalTeen ============

Both Bills will after the Shill
 so, maher follows up his socialism is coming last week with his centrist, free, free, bad, bad, mad... 

socialism, i believe, will find more qualified candidates from school boards up....but, still have to endure another 20 years of capitalistic bs, trying to get kid's to fall in line @ the sweater shop

Capitalism is an inherently selfish bastard,                  i am better than you and this is how much (bank statement) lawyer passes paper to...

The Aristocrats is heard being told by gilbert saget

   WW (War Over Words) $$$

Bill Clinton: I Did not have...                                                                                                                                                                                                         .               (no, just with 2k otta)???..

GLB: Let me say this so y'all can better knows what it's like to be president here.                                     I believe what i believe, and that's Not Gonna Change one iota (idiot)... Now listen here, On monday i come into my office and i believe what i believe and on wednesday i'm gonna feel the exact same way. NO Matter  WHAT Happens Tuesday !! That's Just Logical.
That's actually the exact antithesis of

Intellectual Integrity !!!!  !! !


Big Hig:

Capitalism is to the common man like the war game from the movie. The only way to Win is..or be Tom F'n Brady !

Socialism is a humanitarian reality,
                                                             heart, mind,  and a CONSCIENCE !! 

we are all one species and should all be
 treated equally.

Why is that NOT Utopia to US ALL ????  ?? ?
I understand, richie riches ... rodeo drive will become a rodeo ...bad bad ...daddy warbucky

are people afraid to spend more time with family                    

divorces go down as the pressure to marry is less.. move out.. no prob.. nice place...  next....

------Populstion control, though---
==========do you deserve to reproduce??----------
-- How bout this for a common ballot question 

this year we have a Request from
 the kardashians 

 to procreate??   Deserve or Not ??                                                                     

my expectation is the answer is NO and they become a 0ne generation and DONE here. Good Riddance..MOVE.

life is betta

stand and be real......
it's like y'all are glued to your chairs, metaphorically that is...

 btw, vets are now getting access to MMJ for dream relief,,,,, a benefit that negates those nagging dreams that obsess the bored, lonely, caring, traumatized ( 

MY "morning" is clearer without self-analyzing BS dreams or worse, nightmares..                                                                                      after awhile thoughts and rational paths emerge and life will become more managable...))

 Freddy Krueger, Be Damned

 Dream NON, !!!! !! !

               <I heard it on the X>

X marks the spot right here, man !! I X I !! 

=======================================                    We are Fu ..Central scrutinizer Central I'll be hear ========================================             

travelling over by puff puff pass pond and always noticed this guys property had 4 foot high grass... well, today it was "mowed"// Got me to thinkin' (3rd grade yoke) what did the Cool farmer say after "mowing" his fields ?  -- HEY Now !! -==================================== .... I do miss taking tests and stuff .,((


———–25 years ago—————————— Couldn’t Big Sur it there nowadays…. when i lived in cali in early 90’s, i would go to try and get into all the hottest shows at the time… roseanne, arsenio, i did get into MWC and the next 2 times that i tried again, i only got into these two new shows that were also filming there:
Herman’s Head:                yup         hank azaria and co.
Joey:                   w/ joey and da hottest chick ,) joey L.A.




if you add up my  month + day + 2 digit year of my birth….. it equals




Really Weird,   spAce


lotzzz…… of free time…….

spent  ‘inventing’ these weird facts about me


MY FAVORITE WAS RIGHT FROM THE GET GO… i WAS BORN ON A late Sunday morning and the doctor had to be called out of church service  (Love That !!!!)///0

: I    you’ve obviously never heard of frankie valli  he had a hit called   …. ..lyrics went.. late december back in ’63 what a lady, what a night…

well if you do the math… that’s when i was conceived….

the last of the Baby Boomer generation (made it by 3 months)




 Capitalism:   for most folks..pushs them towards wrong paths and then ALWAYS blame U !!

Socialism: No Push …………….  Use your imagination


I’m just saying if we cannot sustain the exponential growth that will begin to occur during the beginning phase of socialism..



A a .t Toast to Rich folks here in our Beloved Country with



my  YOde  da Phoenix  to                            Jeff Ross


Socialism ….      TOO    S 00N      ????  ?? ?


==============Controll headquarters========

New Homeland Security Briefs (spandex, so they won’t stand out !!!!)

[discuss a new fooltooth theory]   :

Cone of Silence, chief ??

eliminate panhandling via socialistic endeavours… and the only allowable panhandlers are Jihadists,,,,

Picture this, can you all see this image on my tiedtoshoephone

[ max is doing some kinda contortionist move to raise his heel so everyone can see the image there ]


chief:  max is the cone of silence really necessary for a video presentation….


max:    well chief,

chief:    well chief nothing !!!

just make this fast.. i’ve got an appointment with a female KAOs double agent… I’ve said too much….


so max what have you to present to “Control


i have updiverted some video from the streets of the impoverished EU… it shows jihadists dressed in hat and gown.. at  street corners with long lights… saying things like… (english dubbed)  hey man… can i get a dollar (holla) for a Yee Haw ..d   yee Haw …D. (arabic rebel yell).. these things aren’t cheap.. you got constant up-charged in this bracket… Can a brother get a Yee Haw..d… ………. ??? salami bacon ???

Chief: Well Max, that is fascinating… what makes you think they would do the same here ??

Max: if there’s one thing I know about gypsy jihadists….they thrive on crazies……

Chief: So are you going undercova… that could be very dangerous.. i’ll send 13 with you…


Max:   No need chief… danger is in my DNA (you can’t spell danger w/o dna

Chief:  but Max you could be hung upside down and beheaded….



Max:  ….       !!

=============Weight-errs be Waiting…=================

——-So I’m in walmart buying a fan.. and as i pass a couple of doucheys  about my age,,, and i hear ‘Al Fonzie’,,

…..So, , told ya my ltfe is weird…







====Request your absentee ballots.. Vote !!!! ==== Sanders 20/20, bitchy poo===No More Super Delegates ,, the gop doesn’t use them… why, then??? ….Corporate Control of the Left !!!!  !! ! ==>>


……another mass killing ====

when are we as a country gonna learn                                                                                                                                                       to tie our shoelaces ????  ?? ?======i’m talking ONLY about guns, ammo====>>


===guns are ok, constitutionally ?? ban Ammo,                                                                                                 one year in jail per round no exceptions

after a 6 month period of “adjustment”   LOL



i used to sometimes go to taco hell for a crunchwrap supreme…..

Anybody else try the new triple double crunchwrap ??


It’s like   da      Millenium Falcon                                                                                                                                                               of Shit

— Chewy has gastro pains  (Roooooar!)—





So, now all the young bernie supporters have met your nemesis,                                        the butts end         of             …da system !!


young bernie supporters especially should run for selectwoman./man.. practice tact-ics


.. Welcome to the Machine, Got Any Gum ?




Peace and vigilance towards eventual /\ true equality !!!!  !! !


Don’t waste that HUGE bargaining chip

we will now be screening =====>>                                                                                                       Sleeping With The “FR”Enemy




It’s Exactly like Trump WANTS to Lose….

Every Day he chips away at our ‘sanity’…

and the media “media-tes” always favorable to Who   ???


updated odds of impeachment,   1:20.     if elected,

&      now has a over/under line of 9 months  !!!


He has done nearly everything to disqualify himself to Rationalites…..

The Cly- Media won’t in any manner belittle rightwing populism……

Ratings over country/integrity !!

Status Quote Me knots telling  you what you “//  need to know  \\”




caricature of the kid taking a  rainbow piss….

and that kid is    Trump !!!!!

——   Keiser sO. J.  ==========




can you imagine a lefty getting this much crazy press ????  ?? ?

=====non-commercial =============================

not with our current media.

their safety net  for repubes is           pure   ” omnipotent evil”

============Media’s Owners position===================          

   We got your backs no matter what kind of horseshit you perverted headfucks come up with …..gettin intooutto

==================================                                           Safety Net For Corporate owned entities                                                                                                      but mostly for tightie whitey righty   SHoes

===&===We Got A Really Big Shoe For You Lovely Folks  Tonight…

—-   ??

////  ??




… whilst nay  giving ME ANY Press or a show to write.. about the Nonald ..

Nonald: [internal dialogue]

I can’t believe they let me get away with accepting a purple heart from its recipient,   (snickers)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          wow,             I      shoulda     been

swift   //(  _____      ( ‘booted’)   _____    //(     _____ ——>>

right home for rest timeeeeeeeeee 2016 ======>>

WTF, this has been fun but seriously i got other shit to not do  Well… where’a my exit  bitch… i mean Siri??                                                                                              why won’t they let me go home ?? ???                                                                                                  Who is running this rodeo, clowns????…                                          Me           I’m just riding this Rolls Royce Surfboard around the big katuna ///NYC BEACHLINE\\\…….. it’s like like going to the zoo                                                       …..but i can’t go home…..yet..ZZZZZZ                                                              sleepy-time …..                                                                                                               (i ‘m not the same person w/o my   Snickers ?  Sleep        zzz

I  can’t stop moving or the sharks in the hudson will filet me…                                i thought i saw a couple of crazy bitches fishing in the hudson after midnight (boner appetit !!(-((… looked like they were wrestlin’ or got tangled in some line or something….. .                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .. where was i again….why do i drink so much?? ….Thank Jiminy that this thing is self-steering via  computers     (deep pause)   and who runs the computers ????   Holey Rodeo Drive-Ins !!!!

Al  Fonzi”    Gore        ..or should we call him…..


Al GoreBachov. (pinkie towards mouth with crazy laughter following)             

How can i top that to finally get “h”ired…..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Get me my pink negligee (sic, ‘slip’)                                                                                      for my new fiancee who really  likes Wosers of elect                                                                                                                                                              i                                                                                                                                                             o                                                                                                                                                            n                                                                                                                                                              s                                                                                                                                                              …

i just want to go home and make ok sex with whomever is in my               ego-matic  bed… it’s good for your back… very firm and contourish…… speaking of tourish, remember to call Ivanka, i mean marla, or was it putin-pumpkin????  note to self… Call  all my balls and chains !!….                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Aha,     how bout this MoFo’s…                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Twitter rant

<<I got secret info and                                                                                                                                 I have no  firm plans after november 5th…

i’m just stayin home””>>’


=====Kids, this is your history lesson happening now (as always but more historically) Remember who was for Trump,  make note of it on paper so as not to forget to never ever take this person’s advice w/o a ton of salt grains, but you should gladly accept their cash


My ode to The Donald and his legionHairsdisease of  Ducks 

Donald says why change when “i’m Winning”////                                                                           Last Time we heard that                                                                                                                  it was closely followed up by “I Got aids”…TBC

== He went to college.. so he definitely knows better than his rhetoric… He is taking a Piss   (the anti-ME (da shit))                                         Nearly half of U.S..  it seems prefer the warm feeling as they drink in his nectar…

I don’t know what crawled up his ass, i mean POD…                                                 if it’s  for the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    book deals/endorsements/interskews/infamy

what was it like the day he realized that he can say or do just about anything and that the press clearly is  pussified  to his many tighty whitey righty ignorances … they lapped it up like his butler at a shoe shine Conventional course.. spit&shine .offered at Trump U, btw                                                                         

====Rant about DEA Conspiring against   II,   Againz !!!!  !! !=======

Well, I think every Rationalite will agree: Fuck You,                                                                                                                   You BigPharma Fluffernutters….

This has gone way past wilfull ignorance !!                                                                                                                              It is now, no doubt a conspiracy…. !!!!  !! !

It looks like we need to look to  da Tooka  Fairy from the North  again for pragmatic socialisms like single-payer healthcare and it can’t get here soon enough, nucks

full Canadian MJ legalization in 2017…

the USofdistrust to do the correct thing with any regularity

and all our past politicians will have historical / retro-egg all over their facezzz                (a little maple syrup will make it go down better

it’s Game Over for the anti-MJ movement here in the US of A  if/when MJ legalization in Canada HAppens  as their facade  will be removed                                     like dorothy at the end of the YB road………..==>>

Stay Tuned, eh…. see if the CONspiracy reaches Trudeau  in 2017 ??







⇐⇐      you Toast, I Toast..mine.. spark it  up !!!! Ladies..       ⇐⇐                                                               Let’s make a Hit. and get truly LIT                                                                which is not drunk by any means…bean

Antithetically, , Drinkin makes the ‘bulb’ turn DIMwatts….


Heir  Righteousness and / or Hair FrighteoUsNess                                                                is easily whitewashed over by

Brighteousness … IOU Capitalism…. My Whut, Whut ?? ?


after the first debate… the way
Melania  and Muffin Man                                                                                                                               touched fingers…


my odds  R (backwards) 60/40 they have banged b4                                                                                        and will aGin And Ton ic &~~~gue                                                                                                          I’m just sayin’…….   


btw, if Trump was really in a locker room….                                                                                                         he woulda used the six-pack “joke“…

he actually filtered himself….



Evian : Budweiser




Comey  = Trump = Goodell= Ailes,                                                                                                Fall Guys to Protect the Systems of the Zeppelin !!                                                          Status Quote Me !!!!  !! !

and the worse the Fiend, the MORE Greeeeeeeeeasy SHIT they can hide,

                                             SHock Doctrine-ish