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Word on da Street, Boppers….. is that somejones put a Wit out for Me !?! c/Rock m/On

MIC   by  Warren TED TALK   Buffet

………..(great job they do)..……… sup_)=//            ==>>

disgust MIC and how it has been used                                                                                                                            as a Willed Pickle  ..                                                                    [   lOOk Whose stealing home plate..they paid 2 TRILLION for Ah baseball diamond cuz they heard it was a steelR?? US?? ]  when they asked to see it they were reassured it was there ..Stealth!!!!  !! !

  was what they told congress and they all agreed to                                order 100  SHmores  


“<< b4. Dill showed up”

when a  republican gets office the easiest way to sad-hoc competent is to beef up the defense budget and boast brilliancio..very magnumbanUS                         ….. tree BS ….  skew this …that … and just follow Congress zzz  turtle face..Sorry Sir..?fan? i should have said   Pace...T..

Like a room full of Crispin Glovers even the rats avoid

half c-spans budget is  cleaning the feces from camera lens.and MICs…

accomplish  ∑ = 0…. preach “safety” and blah..blah..wha…

RE:-S/S/Twits  All in Congress zzz “semester” Twerk..what a load


Stripper Poles in  House, Senate,,,Creaps St. PREYer Sessions,.CU jeff                                               

R & D hoes  Twerkin for $$$$    =∀=     (Bell Rings)

====>>   recess…….REALLY APPRO


they boost defense ..gotta find a demon                 ..mirror <<==/ please                            unless the military is gonna build up our infrastructure..wood practice for when Thump inv….


deregulate to spur job growth….                  trickle down??? econo

tax breaks and credits for the owners===>> handoutzzz like vegas card hawkers..(that clicking noise is their infernal conscience / lie detector malfunctioning signalling                                                                                          the THIRST ON ….HOW-H/J/S ELL                        they bevel drink the TRUTH out of their equation )

//welfare checks with out balance (honey, it’s the first of the month, my welfare lamboghini check is here…be a doll and summon the driver ) …. Warfare Queens Queens, Class Dismissed….

-one mans welfare check is anothers unfair ‘tax credit’ unchecked

yeah, just got my food stamps 2 for caviar and yucker carlson’s favezzz, gold tainted cronutz… wiz we R


//    next Their Priorities are on full sassafrasshole display

Pinocchio’s Trump nose gets harder to look down over these dayszzz

and R & D ZZZ Pollys Cheap…. i’m not talkin’ BK cheap…….McD+  TacoHell seep… I’m talkin….WTF creepy thiefy like the condom from previous prick falls out as foreplay ..[stay] PO literal owner’s box, they’ll give you the keys to nayer_soul for like 5k a year, for MNCs that’s a cheap utopia..                          cower this news media=in=bed=ed=all=ways=and=means.>>==>>                         commitee of one reverse placentas

attack safety nets… it will never end unless we vote with our pocketbooks/wallets/401 1/2ks.. u c

HAY===>>privatize everything cuz the market may have some

                            So “rough L=edges”                                                                      a cult would call them pledges


Rut-Row…but it’s all we know !?! time to pay them back loans


good E-NUFF, Shaggy  !!?

social security…good luck with daffy at the helm/et/

healthcare cya  diss trust revolves here

immigration is for ignorants of                                                                                                                           hearsayzzz “world spew”  mirror <<==/



====was dat  Bob Kraft flying in on the HCopter at the WH   ? ====

==========Advise  / WTF Talkzzz  ???============



===Yup, Kraft and otta Sympathizers for the Devil==                                 ====are attached to Thumps bye his  Mane ==============problem solving rile

====Know Then===>>



NO  Dems

NO Republicans

===== kNOw HEIL======

Tax Returns must be disclosed … ASSurance UR not a cHumpty



sub⊥sequent  job losses data will be dressed and ready for “Prom” debutt              TA                   stall the  “drain the waste” movement from upper intestine towards chute..dike .Suppose-A-Storyzzz


and audit-Story confusion cuz da oath-is–useless=against these Mongrels 4 MIC …the prob is that even if waterboarding was legal they would not be affected…Entrenched Problem sez… Boo…everything is intertwined to All Ways / and  like i’ve said,  any Means /give shelter hack to god’s worker bees in connedgreasssssy. It never works out in Cower favor.







=========Humpty Dance, Get Busy in a BK Bathroom

====My Twig MAC ==== has Arrived======>


Suspectorals who dislike me and/or threatened me
Rich ….. spokes
Christian **** …… ignorantzzz / misplaced faith hill
Rock n Crullers … C above for startRzzz
Rednecks/ … Trumpees ..

==== all of the above=a bWig==>>(Red Bandanna)<<===

Media..and.PollySighs                                                                                                           Blacks ……    why??me??

Localzones  /  Gay (male)…    Pea…Pod        say no more


======They Wanna ..Loretta Swit  Me================

All BeCuz.... I’ve Got ….. Hot Lips !!!



TBs Old Jersey

mexican banditos.   MAN                                                                                                                         …hid jersey in a big empty Fritos bag………True Story….”I Shit U AHot”  …                       (frito banditos in case u missed it…)

They went into a sacred(inverse) Country Club locker room and with their selfishness, Deflated the _hOle Victory  ….

Goodell, HelpD Them  ?!!!   ……………………..






                                                   Build the Fuckin Wall                                                      and keep them future Presidents parents the   ⇒                                                                                                                      Puck Outta Here…

We know how to ‘Steal’ with them…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Treat them exactly like ’em First                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In FILL stomachs Traitor…errs ……. ..Indians….

Can U Say a nutter Holiday)…!!!!  !! !  (Sarcasm,,, A to the Sole)                                     

When History looks back on this time,                                                                                         people will ask what wood make them build a WALL,  ?

DC_: A Peanut, Man… A Fucking Peanut ~~~~



========================================================overheard  PYT : I Run Hot…

i digressed ================>>

Chocolate, [add for affect /Bitch/]… this winter.. i got so much pure cocoa running through me now…  i’m literally shittin hersheys candy bars with all the perforations and shit cuz my ass hasn’t been abby used like a                                                                                                                                             fuccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccin subway==   ===___===


once again i assumed you knew the story and who the male in question is !!!
Yes, he is a male and real…..
your info seems to be good as the peeps who give it…. but the loophole is that you nevah know when there are gaps of info not told..
not a lie if they didn’t tell ya nuttin !!!
great country/system….huh

So, I’m telling ya  that Abby is real and has never been called out for his abuse…
uc, it’s a true  (how did i miss this).. DERRY Queen story !!!! 

Shun Him, NOT ME !!!



================speakin of fuckin a hoes=====                                              ===Notice in Retrospect how Republicans stole the Supreme Court pick and the Dems Did ,,,,,,,Nothing….

Wink to the Owners !!








e.g.,  Tanks



My one sentence SpinPrick of the Herald HUBubble



And with that, millions of people who dared to sample MSNBC, if just once, returned home to the comfort of Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

  •                                                                  –  Tom Shattuck

I almost Puked !!!!

united to untied godless greed… HARD PORT…


Putin Will NOT NUKE US

End of Story…. MOVE ON Dot Fuck’s Sake

==COI BYE ==>POTUS<=====So much else to Fuck with him about



ConnedFlicksOfInterest  =                                                                                                         Bad Boys (penn), Let’s Go to ………..c ricky, julian…in S11




=============================   ⇐ ⇐ ⇐



=====NC-17+ warning for this Sole Shell Difference  DiatryBin ==


====the market knows heir bancks are always covered     //  in deed

===Look how far outside the DC/WallSt rimsickle they went..sewerturds, i meant stewards of fat street .

#Stall for ALL Heir Worth$$$$  $$ $

Lawyers, Accountants, Money….


Prey ∑……..∑………..with US∑∑  Children of the Corn   

                      -warns the  (Scarecrow) of heirs reaLm

========================>>>>  >> >

does the stock market hitting “BULL HIGHS”…. substandard living contradictions,  substantially effect anyones butty  ….                                                                                                                 ….. the 1 Inverse Placentas ???

Really, Literally ?? WTF  AWE Thinkin ???       Frack Them Back

=== \USA‘lsa boobscruise/=Quite the Chip !!    >>We have 3 silver spoon huggin Petulent Brats (Trump, Owners media, Con/Regress)=We R the Parents==Tanks !!!!  !! != =                                 ====How Do We Parent these Incorrigibles ????  ?? ?===                     ===btw, FU Andrea Mitchell and your hack equivalent..Greenspan==Blowhard Corporate Cockspacklers==

=Now Lump understands the American Dream. Hi-Wire TRapped Act

Ain’t HE a Real PissA..

he throws more shit and piss around..    ‘sow’  …..i.…..                                                                                                               never hass to discuss cuss




=====not true=======but Funny>>===========                                         =====i need to eat salads but~~~~>    O-NOse zone   =======

.my [futura] flask of homemade salad dressing which i keep on me when out, that’s not weird is it??


==========dream zz=======================

So i met this busty yet petite 20yo Wicket   at the ‘seaside book shoppe’.. Prowlsing  Dating for Dummies in the self helpless /waxsex/tion and                            we both ‘had to go’ to the bathroom at the same time……

…. U Knight.,,, U  // don’t remembah writin’ 

 i picked her up by her boobstraps / wet~~pant~~ies suit and placed  her in the PushInHairy position on the…bathroom surfborrowed,,, ans began Grrowwinn——>in purr pelvis with my dam muster… when it seemed we were about to breach the top… there was a knock at the door..and in the hysteria the Gnarly ??Baby Powder Wax felt soo comfy   /shakes / ….shit.     ..we was ..  ……………………. on the floor. 

..i reached up and started the noisy hand dryer for cover 

she was not ready to leave!!!!!…she grabbed my Jammy bar and proceeded to time, i meant mime my jelly-roll towards her back country.. i rode her PullOnHairy style while calming the person on the other side of the door              .”nothing to C /\  hear.. go a…way”….finally the  loudspeaker comes on stating..’wrap it up‘….the shock of that sent me into a quivering release as i  ‘Deep’ 6″  my way out  and  ………….then…………..        thought to ask her ‘Btw, What’s Your Name?’

Destiny, she said…and we laughed together….

The irony was when a couple try to use it legitably afterwards….

or was it the ‘pe’ on shoppe??=======

——-========That Time of the LoonieR     Year========

Fond Mammories every time i go through that Carwash…..what was that chicklets’s name ??



========> ~~~~~~~~ / VOTE /~~~D~~~~~!!!!======Pleas======


Start bye reBOOTin Tower……..

                                         House of Lords


================Vote LEFT======================

do people who live really close to waterfalls pee more or less or as frequently as an average  family ??

====<<====~river mind~===<<==========


That Was A Great Quote, BenDecko…madison ave assblowers

more core pirate Propaganda to Distract

Fiddle Playin… to keep youzzz  zzzzz





Secret Service.. Plan for Trump Security WHeil in Florida:

Where’s codename Waldoa nearby [Orange Grove]

=====he’s been in Florida so much his butler/staff-aha-caucus has to have their immigration applications updated and rubber stamped  so frequently….causing Hump to tweety a flock of seagulls that obama’s immigration laws were bad..bad bad bad…..======


State of Irate /no/ Communication

=====Coming of Old Age=======


how am i doin’ ?  ………  Nation !!!               – Alien


I haven’t bought any property yet and already A Lien

US Steel, huh??    Douchebag…that is fucked….

U Just PlatyPussed US with IT (<==clown) ASSHOLE

u should bee A-SSHAMED


..OOps, we ‘foeget’       most and 4hour host,   neo polly “scientist” zzz


lotzzza                                         sHARMin

=========know how they use commercials and much to counter any my points.the iceberg is ‘hear’??….laughable to me butt USE==diff story=\

==(Luke, not Puke)======    ¬

—————————————–(Thermal Exhaust)————

 ¬      =  monkey with the typewriter/paper ==>  Shakespeare

Imagine the money and coverage i’d Bee getting if i had any coverage…

never a request for an interview..


===State of Irate=Analysis====


Trump is our nextus  9/11….11/9ish

we let it happen

we are to blame

we are at   Ground Zero as a Nation,,,

……….You CAN and MUST .

Carpe Diem


===my theory is that FDRs latter days were driven by his wife and all her Lesbian friends… socialis-tact thoughts..2nd B.O.R.====== =======I Have FAITH in ==>females….===

Eyes Wide OPN


Ladies, if you C me, Deal Me……IN    ====Poke Who ??======

Things I Recently can’t /UN-C/


Mike Smith (Bubbles) EDM dancing (do they wear that shit????)                                                                                                                                    $ 4.20 canadian to subscribe if you wish….to  Ketchup on all kinds of cheeseburgers …

Congress               EDM Cocklin           they put mayo on their idahoe fries






==Kudos==Dante S., the G.O.A.T.. ????                   Cannon Fodder??                                                                                            we have 3 plus on the team…=====

Republicans have trouble Grasping Conflicts of Interest…(Scalia Flu)

They think it’s what they do after they fuck US….                                                                   . what to do with the interest on the cash they just made




Drainin Duh Swamp right into our collective cement Cond…NIMBY, Ladies…



If only he was a real Vet…..                                                                                                                .he might have been a betta Vetta and not a  crony phony                                       U ain’t no Apprentice Hair big pantys !!                                                                                what is your Excuse???, no RRecuse allowed

Democratic Reply…

and he’s a centrist, clearly………….imagine                                                                                         a revolution of true sufferage people !!!!!


Go Left, HARD

Fuck Perez and Centrists…make the change now peeps

this, i believe is why i …..  !!!

aye mateys… PORT




Same (R)ecipe as ‘Soylent Green’

// Trump’s Full Diss-Clos(ur)e Tour…..aka…. A Fire Sale Chat…i had Fun, Folkesy btw, FU MSM as I Fuckin Rule, Britches

.if U Must Watch ..Live   (i will try not to hurl..15 min o/u)

 i soo dreamt that was british parliament but that’s next month…..

bernie writes  HE’s a jerk off


what about your dc hotels  ???

 stupid is as stupid does… fuck the land,,, fuck fraCKING









homeland lunatic fringees  GRD

==no time to upchuck sez the mirror  sir

they heard iceland

steaks on

orgasms scalia…ayn anne rice rand

trillion is million squared… honed


millions to trillions         //after reading transcript?????

he compared                    // ?

the MIC is a Given      //

infrastructure just not cronies like the big dig

frack you…single Payer.. we talk

frack you.. relative jerkfest


single payer or dust

wtf, does bust mean… back on hone

safety net for capitalisms high wire tapped….act…..weed

not across state lines peeps

exhausting…. left

go Left

4 weeks vacation

can’t be replaced while out for…….

projection 101

film at 11

everyone else is a statistic peeps

country club

rents too damn high

laws good

lies…they break laws daily by omission…

lose ..balance..sum

xmas card black friday gc too

prey they will


cut defense programs      computers where it’s at and satellites.                             //      and “Freakin’ Lasers”  (throw popcorn at the grad student with braces, amazingly FUN movie)    //            ships planes are waste


will i get laid tonight????  ?? ?

got her… want her bad          boy…  (jo)

what’s up ??

why couldn’t it be……..why ??

to my offshore dj biz




to the offers

cheese steaks…mmmmm watson,,my butler  get me 2

not likely under comm, i mean.

yes, i mean capitalism

alien ?


populist jerk my friends and moat you

classic   jerk offers !!!!  !!  !



Zen Outline for  a WTF part Uno game

Choose any below and/or Add your own==>>


Every time Trumpea sez/mentions:   (w/ some suggestions)


‘Beweeb Me’  =  I ASSure you     =>>                                                                                                              ….        Do a John Stewart On WEED bong/dab/mass hit

the  WALL                   bonus if Mexico is ‘gonna’ pay for it

…     throw nachos at screen..omit condiments for best experience.

….Going to Jail                                                                                                                                                    look for Hillary….then middle finger them both

Bad People..guys..                                                                                                                                                mirror…….looking in DickCHENarY under bad guy is………     pix of a mirror                                                        Twin Peeks

Fake/ Nice TITS                                                                                                                                            Everyone must go topless

Fake News                                                                                                                                                                         :30    bathroom break

Inherited a mess...                                                                                                                                                          . a blunt toke  ……. lookin into a mirror

Grab ……. by the …….Pussy.                                                                                                           …              everyone lifts up (2 fingass) a 6 pack of..cans..& then  drinks 

Ronald Reagan                                                                                                                                        ….        simulated orgasms abound

Roe vs. Wade  / Abortion                                                                                                        …  2 teaspoons of honey (silver spoon) for his mutha’s bad choice

Sit Down…..  bonus for Shut Up                                                                                                    …..     Stand up and give him lotsa  little middle fingass

Highly Qualified                                                                                                                                                 …. Trump U diploma as a rolling paper

Dating                                                                                                                                                      kiss the person to your right                                                                                                                              whilst wet fingering the ear of the  one on your left                                                      …j/k don’t try this w/o extendead  warning!!

Tom Brady

hey, now,   he is cool  !!!!

The Swamp ….                                                                                                                                                      … a Gravity Bong hit


Darkside of the Loon sez   Get A Room…


I might need a Drink,    make it a DDouble     (buttoff )


Yes this is FUCKing REAL !!!!!


What kinda Dense RU   ???

ReElection in 2020 (a nutter term)

N, Plezzz

Black Friend(zzz)                                                                                                                                             Call out for   YOUR Butler!!!!

New York /  NYC                                                                                                                                          GO outside and Piss on the Foundation

Chicago                                                                                                                                                 look for coach ditka…..then shove a bratwurst down  hatch

Florida Vacation  ..bonus for.  …    a Tan                                                                         .stick your head in a sandbox while addin grey PooPon to your weiner

Tired  (from workin)                                                                                                                                                dump a beer over the least f’d up of your party


His IQ

………  we R Fucked… kegger !!!!


Words he will NOT use:






Military Industrial Complex


??Good Question??

I appreciate your Honesty

Tax Returns

Saudis  ??

Chapter 11

my butler

my sources

For Full Disclosure


itiz baked like ziti dekab

Sorry, butt .. back to ….GZ     lull libido needs a kickstart…                                                                                            (zoloft/Increasing Age/Weed/F@ ))

====NO Disrespect,,it’s Me…meet some otta Aspies   ======

============ /  / =====================

====Trop Hotel==>>==U Kan’t Have A Kitchen W/O A Hen ====

============ /  / =====================

You can’t change where you were born…………NJ edition===

Jersey, NFL fan:  Fuck Youzzz, moat fuckers… can keep da Jets…

Jersey F’n Giants Rule !!!!

–that’s my take.


..why is every out of state  minivan iccccccc… from jersey??

====================/    /====


====WTFries hold the salt===

No More puttin….da

Urge in Burger (TP)

Purge that Urge to  Merge   …NoMo…libido  where RU hen I Need Ya

=====ASSurge to Merge=======>>




======Spoil Her Alert=========================

So, i’m dating this chick..alright…and she sez to me…...take me someplace i’ve never been… so i blindfolded her and spun her around…. and i took her to the dish-filled sink… and bent her over it whilst stickin  my jammer right up her poop chute//  i gave her the jellyroll

To the Moon,   A-list…  Thru your Fuckin Moon…

her name is alice but i don’t call her that…

===========guess alot dreams awakened ========= 

                                          50 shades of ME