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I Believe you realize i am not disrespectin’ MLK

I Hadd A National Health Emergency DDDream(M)


A$$ of Today,


All soda production and sale of $$$oda shall Cease

$and hound.  re-evaluate your …….scrupp$


TMZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   Lead..‘oars’..ERR    $…Hip.


TMZZ hop,

Useless B@sstard$

Rubble, Rubble, You’ve Torn Your


DDDevil in a ReD (R)e$$






24/7 peeople… // Humpty Dump……TY

i am your daily dose of ‘Mally-WORLD’

give me a screen wall like jim in Taxi’

and my own neetwork..MYa   .COMMa ¢asT,R,T.T.””’ox, ACLU Succk my ddicckie ddaily…

that’s it…

i’ve fulfillED your request.

the verve rule..i got them their royalties.

me (dia(  = (DDDD( ^ (DD)

and now i’m gonna sue the government…following me…sofar?!!

for allowing the older truckers to pinch me at every opportunity.

bridgrs n to south…

for fucking years  people.

Fu, PHooey, HK


see kids don’t drink alcohol.


i’m on… not off… and a remarkable driver.


e to w it started off ok after the fireworks but less bridges ? n to south creeks reek of tater thoughts


———-bottom your congressperson—

i’m not safe on the road.

i already told my ‘WALL”

i don’t want to drive anymoral


What is your criteria for


you uncompromised compromisers

JUdge me kkknot.

What a cuntry.

i apologize to my homies.


=my lawyer has advised me TSTFU


that’s how i fuckin’ drive 2

livin on the edge.

My Bill to Comcast (NBC/MSNBC) 30 Bil …… knock, knock..rachelle rachelle

king me. for Malice,                                                                                 Alice… in Wonderland

========TAnk$ THump=====

—island mentality=======batten down the …. sandbagg$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$======>>


CMCSA (NasdaqGS) $42.63 -0.65(-1.50%)

Mon, Jul 8, 2019, 4:00PM EDT


oh, if i ever find

   Velo¢iraptHor’s   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lawyer.

I$ her producer and partner in crime, an israelian       ???????????

we come in peace