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S_SDD. // He is..@… Third World $hit-Lore ..Dumb

Heir Mirror….





you have been

Eviscerated by your $$SuperioR.

&   B––>4     ‘your Constituents.


witch is worse:


Bueller……Bueller=from @=economic ‘wiz’,



.              ME ?

D.A. $uit****¢∀$∃**WiD…..40…..De*Θpen… Hue, G


Backkk to No Buddy Justice !!!!  ¡¡ |


I don’t stop.

They …….Prey

What was this talk of the transfer of power post ‘Playoff’$

what were they gonna do,

get NetanYahoo (R) to ¢o-$hine the

{4th Reich} :  ‘|wide|.. Right

oh yeah, …he’s in good health, Israel.. <eyes roll>

——his belt…that .. gets no respect, i tell ya.——-



======suspend reality======

Easter is 4/21, |-0-|

=Vroom Vroom=== clarity===

it’s like

me putting Organized (R)eligion into a variable, ‘t*’

way i remember the commercial..

Chuck Norris ‘I got (R)eplaced by a truck’…to the old lady in trailer office

who then tells him….

.spunkly & sproutedly..|

==|-‘Vroom, Vroom’-|== <sound effect.ED>




≈1 Liner$..//…….[G.O.] You, Go u been here 4 owah…\/\-\/\ |[Ü_?[| Lettuce…



Does the Missus Swing Like..You… Me…?

I f his leg is up he’s lying…of course he’ Lying  Crown on the Yobbit

i get a Woody over your Walls….

my Erect …um…..Election depends on it.



We Bam BoomED ‘ em… Bamboozled, you Gentile Fool

Suck It, Putin… Yeah

Strangers in the kNights of the Bound $table

from God’s Hand to your A$$, lovely, i’d say anyday

Fit 2B WaterborED

You Lead Very Well….  ______

Come See Me ‘N…./ I kk_NO … A Massage Place…                                                                                                   not takin’ noap ..    >>.>> @nswer

¿ How can we tie that Crazy White Boy up ?

No, I Haven’t thought of ©onve®ting, i think you have to be Disabled like Sammy Davis Jr.™ or $um.Tin ,,,


on WHolly ..Saturdays… spring clearinghouse   we dig tunnel to ourselves..

Taught hot clean〉$Ling… ‘War’ Fare!

==========India Nile Dodgers=========

//Carter .  created Departments of Education & Energy

// Reagan  .   Blah. Drugs Bad //  after Carter nearly legalized pot.

Alcohol Over Doh$

==free break…fast 6am====













Hey You,

\You Got It Made\              .