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#Corona Baby


14 years from noW

14yo  :

What was I, a juxtapositional conundrum from some Corona Luau ?



Yes We were drinking but, nobody was drinkin’ tH@T


Btw, they hover …lol


oh yeah


Yeah Billy Buck

if i say i’m across from 99, Who am I ?


                                                                                 & ?

Howard and Co. SIRIUS LI [??@ny HIGH SPEED INTERNET yet ?]

 K__ing of all (Men’s True @ ‘F’un)

JumpED the SH…../ @(R)¢        \    aft…erR      Banning Gilbert Gottfried ? ~10 years ago ?



Ralph. Sal, Christie, gay gay gay.


=====me===& =====my shady shadow====M5,.,…,.. nope,  M1%

Which I’m hoping to leave them with: 1%


Do I wanna sign away any liability now for ‘concessions ‘.02

Devil is in the (Details of Competence)

===preserving my right to tangently sue === exponentially ===

i hear,  supposedly, that there’s an Escape Clause in every contract ?we as a country need one now from our

[Honorary ornEry MUnchkin]


When I get ∑lected,

I’ll have unlimitED access to   [‘FYI’]

Names, codenames, costs for my surveillance, info obtained and when.

What a timeline to match with their ‘DEF’ B$.


Cha Che ! FU, you needle dick … #jumped the shark before jet skis


=========ny strain came from Europe===============

us banned travel from china


Europe became the


Air BnB  #fuckED



Worldly Traveller,