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Not looking like ….

They are gonna wanna stay in Heir

\VATican City/

It is a (R)ed Herring nowadays to …

Pearly ©ue$

DDirtiest Pool play….erR..___$



Imagine, if they when they get sent

BA¢”kkk’….. to

  ””   Kan$@$  ”


‘We don’T like it here’….

‘This place blows!’

‘Arian’ Homeland may be the…

ArmED  Pits..Øf $ociety ?

=========kind @ … mako meo

________all that’s LefT Guard

3 hour 15 min..//_..3_

‘Til we go to the other


                                                  |                |


======does anyone blame me for my tone,====

Who Isn^T  Gui    L   ty  ¿?


We should be  ∀_$hamed  to sell weapons to Israel. PerioD

On our DDime&

War.Bar.None.            //21+, loltm fans..

// Kkknot FUnny, Israel.  Fuck^em up at 18 automatic sold tears

//not comedy as I said yesterday @ south beach…

Biting ¢ommentary