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Soldier of Digit-L, the Midd-L Won

Field Gates…. Yates..Hopening



draw was full

==across… thru  mason – dixon Line… chuck-L=


cool bear beans

//////waiver wire tapping/////////

=======no gronk===============

nice camera placement ….stadium  overhang


billy ,,in,,,commercial


===Pats have connections so they knew……

and finally saw the light..(Myra) able.

when my WP password “predicted” the comeback win in SB

—————-if i evah have a band …..we’ll start at my home.. Showcase Live———–as whi’F”F”——====


i was just gonna make an ‘I’ comment…

fumbled to I=Team

===annoyED vs. ===Ill====ill===

ill annoy



neva eva ask a black person to “make” you a Tuna Sandwich                                                   … Fom  $cratch !!


timing is eva

==pats sb qb dare.. against buddy==tony eason


keep’em Home More All


tater no chips please  (wise)

====un beli[check symbol] penalti======


–due dilli..peeps..@showcase alive


a maze in… sum buddy talk to me who passed by.. the .. Bah





that’s howl………………………….


a tie PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzZZZZZZ

  • Roc-kkkneeD,    newt


i was always a fan of his Halfback…. Hunch..Y


Wtf  pass on 4 and 1


don’t wanna make any more A.H. comments… but i bet he didn’t try that balls shit with brady or gronk or bigger peep$


anybody believe females real ones feinfucker…

couldn’t have  handled my hunch..back

Betta !!!!  !! !

TimeZzzz Up …. Male…fiss [ y ent A$$$ not allowED ]



5 syllable tackle


bill likes an assante comment…


whose the TE for pats now… ghost


to the thought of My First House



54 Power


marky mark me Kraut*…… not his Wurst


mini me  1/2 54 =

jackson up

gilmore down


sum buddy talk to me who passed by.. the .. Bah

White is playing like a ‘ Billenial ‘Patriot

Dane Cookie …is a terrible comedian

======make it what you …..===============

ron white just put in a cookie cutter special…Hi? can’t suck,,,

Fluff your Pil,,,,,,low$ ????  ?? ?

mayor raymond

Whose Insuring our Tru$$$t*

oh yeah..”I Feel Betrayed”… comment

1st  or A-Tray   Trust both WAy$

B-tray  Broken Trust or (R)ust*

—-where was my A   astray        H

=====U enabled this medio acre  media===========

Betray der$ of U$ ..maybe U

the mirror first, $ir… [my reply]


Rodney doesn‘t own a ‘tie’


Jeff ‘AA-M is a Leftie…     dick is crookie


that is all on the QB


i did not know that.. 1st road win










Weak Lie… Dia.trying …tribe

Who Loves Me?

… why no donations ?

why no gov help ? cuz boogeyman id Dem(R)..all

why the hate and browbeatings and passersby in periph.. always …always… always… look my way after..wards c=>leaver?   Brashtalk

why no media when everyone that comes to amherst is expecting me..?lol

…. just abit agogo a lady mouthed to another passerby,,,

‘He treats us like toys’  ….. Kkk memba

 listen 2 rush 2112 side 2 track 1


“i treat you better than toys, Quitch”WTF  !!!!


actually i think in ‘arrays’ or groups…point is

I ¢-ram

the Reality‘ Chancellore,

The IntegrItty / Media #Matters 

II (Intellectual Integrity… )     my own term ? 

  i define it.. my pix in dictionary..tongue out einy.. H

I am the E.F. Hutton of ME Idia Anull Analysis

Mimic KING .. your previoUS gov/media… but T-ruthfull

=.. saw Cantstandza (george twin at cumbies) here==what are you a poet and  …………….?


Movie parts Flea has played is a Thesis topic ?


t* +  hey #treat us like puppets…!!!!  !! !

puppets or “my toy”    ???         U make the Call  ?


If I Only Had A Job ????  ?? ?


What do recovering Alcoholics and 2021=have in Common==???

   Both Wanna Put D.T..’s Behind Them


should i wait til i get elsewhere to procreate… …..check + mate


still waiting for the news report about what happened ‘to me’ #UMA

====LMK !!!




“Run Outta Town”..?.. more like Rot…10/10  Now… give it 2 years..

===what will be left of your image of it…. ????  ??


Is this gonna be settlED by Sadie Hawkins dance on my dick tater titration


Satur Day Live

Tatter O’ Day

America is EASILY Self-Sufficient

minus all unnecessary works for the $ake

=====try==essentials only for 6 months+======



Lots more….\__… I H…ate You…__/ …lips read

I want a Jury trial against entrenchED Liberty tree$$$


I would like my trial in Puerto Rico


kkk (R) eep me (w)………..(W)+aite+ing…….

$tocks are B$.. PleEZ don’t try and correlate me 2 …any 1 stock

====FU Coke, Pepsico,…..=======

$tocks are a tic tock CON-t*-(R)-App- $$$- Bun ???


once again Brainiac$… nothing is a choice with consequence to (R)ep

History is what fUture Generations memba


Jeans or Jenie US

=======heir Bottle$ !!===============

fired up friday….

world seems on

                          $    \tilt\     $



you maybe already finished browbeating locals cuz they are…..                                                                                            afraID

me, not 2 Wuch


======>>>===LOL = Land O’ Lotto===K, i bought a Quick Pick, 1 !

===Scratch tickets in the future thrill ONLY be Scratch and Sniff==

ie ag..                a  Novel-T





the Following…. Hollowing…Wahl====>Owing… Hollo-WEen

takes place between the hours 1445 and 1455 hour$….//  1545



some girls,,i overheard… ‘Gotta Be Self-Sufficient !!”

$ear$ where i just made another player..layer to Funny

i immediately rehortED gives a Hooot:

Good #ord,      Self- Sufficient….. is their an



in the Middle ????  ?? ?


—-Level 1 Complete====================

i go to finally grab my post-Wit ....notes

and my rolling papers went flying into the windshield and tried to ‘jump out the window’  DT, $ir    you’re Underground,  !!! couldn’t help mysHell…………..f

======so i stopped and analyzED this 4 ‘Coincidental Irony’…..



got these since 1455 hrs:

Average Joe  with Average Job    #$o$


spear—->0       Spiro A.G.   Knew    Vice Prez…me ?  me ?? ?

+++++++++++++So now, it has taken new directions and i gotta go back to the original thought once i remem….burr! last night





You know who put-Z=$ ‘O’ in to be $elf-$ufficient ???

Newspaper Outlets     (Just $aiDD NO)




It’s Natty-L     Bullying  Month

====WTF, hey ‘F’ratEZ

Browbeating Locals…. will come round………                                                                                                               C-nuff to get U$$$e Blinkin’


==========⇓=bottom of barrel=⇓========

===have we hit China, NYet ?=====Scurry Supp, Hott ?!! !==






======t*hay Don’t C me as the Victim =RU the Vic or 2… $$$(L)icKkk ?? LOL===>Vic, t*im and the $ham by James O’ Kief’g….H

     Vice, Time   and the $Ham

by James O’ Kief’\g….H        g  (W)HizzZ

==another wow as 0’keefeek…0….FeeKkkO  1st Rounderr

======t*hay Don’t Cry me         as a Victim ====>

How have their Rights been leftED    lifted  ??

===========$$lut $hamers 2 only cuz what ChappZ$z in Men’s Back$tall….(R)0om   stays in Care  NIMBY ===============

They keep waiting for the Butt bottom blue$$$


the CCanswer is the NWorb ….. (W)orm


at the gas pump and.. farted … asked whomever ..

. did i get credit for that ?

electricity via solar panels likey

====they aren’t necessarily good drawing bored==C!==



you put your left hand on and i turn you 2 2 about 69°

====tat above was off the Tree=Swingleero======


tater …. coldplay….

i can make almost any lady laugh in proper space…

except now….




Peace and Love…

]==========another FU to the Mu$$$e of HoHoEZ  just saw

Slow Chimes at…Border Inn “stupid “spoiler” ” 123 kills and 1 more ….order 124 toGoGo.======



———–i ¢   are a    lot————

i hope  abit giddy is charming





KC vs PatS


brady didn’t look happy

midfield.. ouch


i hate tests  hu huh

wide open   nice synch

no ch

=========Summertime for Hitler—–Fall of…

Hip Catch MAN!


Hip tatter thought… commercial with 13 clock


the one negative comment this week i respectED  yup 1

and it didn’t arrive IMH …on time……

Dick – Tatter



tatter…hott  i am 54 in years loltm


thats a hands team … til knott

A2M  ]out[   H


no kanye but ===

50 sounds like a team

buy (make) me a footBalling team

2 td drives when i get hear   correlation  00

holden on

klinging on


king  is dumb



hairy butt kicker in BK.. ummmm Wallyworld bathroom.. FG is,,,, wide Left


what’s up??

isn’t halloween when we take off our MmAa$$$kkK

1st and

=======will they score agrin b4 half ??========

females shouldn’t be mad at me….youngins luv me… $m00chY

i’m holding in my future plans….. dr. GooDD —-Love


————-00—-0——————–trying to not dwell on

21 seeeeeeeee

———-the fact that they cock blockED me with dolla coverage  yuppiez    10 times dime coverage  gays do it freely,,, makes their dick … brown… my point..(h)azEZ were they tasked with surveillance  ???

free dumb and dumber

peep are always blinkin’…. i said that b4… i no u no

=======and feeding me meatballs….

====u can say that again,, 4.21 sec$ later _____

Laidies  if you have sex with me ……

you’ll turn into a 50 yo Angry Suppy


Be Aware Always !!!!  !! ! !!  !!!!!


// kc td as i wrote down


====today=====oHoNo is psyche.. G.O.    ==

=Kkk, send over my knew friend===================once again zip no unzip hear==


here is my overalls with suspenders.. wow what an image i hope you all got about greeks being suspended above us and placed where eva is $$$afe,, Vaukkkt*

Dali-esque IMH

=====Ma Homes==FU Columbia Ga$$=======


sorry,      chip off the whole block… please laugh


my one overalls comment is,,,

i didn’t want this,,, cuzzzz….

now every fuck that isn’t ….. is technically ‘cheating’

they corra(L)led me here with victim shaming in  my travels …florida/ key we$$$t*…..U.$.o’ A… to the point that this is only place i feel safe..autistic abuse shaming now… DDone!!

===Kkkan you increase my account in the balance of the Pi(R)==

world is PH@,,fat…lat …?


next weak …