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Remorse Coda: stages of development; mass media medic$: Penicilin of ‘$.0₩l’, thank$!;;^

PuRge: 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021.


Purge Potential     =    Nazi Agend@

So, Israel, why not boycott the HATred, juxtapose the isolation ? care alot ??

&          wHAT,             ₩H®,,

is backing this ‘Fran¢hiseL.. ¿¡

{Israel } ? lol. //maybe kKk.cpac

Right @Bound 2015 when Trump

joked his way to WH,

The man in the High Castle:


btw, Drinkkk peeR$ 《THC》




Purge Conventions;


face to face friday and saturday night movie clan destiny.

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repeat offenders,… viewer§.white shite



Maga Maiden;









20th Century Fascist Irony ?????????


Heir Llast ©hance (Rr).0de0






Photo Fini




      // french waiter approval..


Yes, even with Socialistic Policy

∑ All  Liberty minus guns

are always most important.

Sadly with 3D printing, near impossible.


Gotta Ban         ….


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