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Fuckkkin’ Me, Hilariou$.LY..Justice Roberts named every single FISA judge who currently sits on the FISA court bench.




(R&Ru) kkkidding Me0 —Mistrial—ij_0_

FISA Court presiding judge James Boasberg


ReallyReally ??


// Hippocratic L. Oath

/ fbi & ii don’t see aye to aye

does our crack FBI evaH  @Tell the truth in this fear..

Yes.. $ir. (R)eal world ?

Ask their families, i guess.


Known as “Jeb,”Bush’ Boasberg is widely recognized in Washington legal circles for a conversational and oftentimes humorous writing style. He joined the surveillance court in 2014.

did he pay his AIPAC dues ?


I KKK.ID, Counsel. 〈Hearty  Laugh〉

ijs, One definite anti-Palestine  of 11 peeps  gets ‘Chosen’

i asked for a ginger beer….. …. …

this Redhead brings me .. . a Fuckin’ Ginger Ale..                                                                                                              (cannED laughter)

i nearly threw up……….


Toe kkknott Tow the Linear—-Dickkkless Pickle$


———-Toe——–Toe——————–Thee Nein

// u are’nt in Kansas anymore….#American Dreamy “PlayaH’

/  @ M.FuckkKing Plaza,     my previous court annoint.inbed attorney has been circumscribblED ab~ouT~~

Get me a Real Expensive court appointed lawyer, Asshole$$$