ASS IFF Pat’s Fans Need A PeP[e] Rally !! /¿¿¿¿.¿¿.?/ASS IFF Pat’s Fans Need A PeP[e] [[R]]all]]e[[y !!

Next Sunday, the Pat’s opening playoff game is the

4th Anniv of my Mother’s passing.. k

21 days later is … feb 3, 2019




==========       ¢ ¢ = cents  ≅ since

Rude Money, Can You…….¿ $$$mear ME  HOW now brown no$e

==⇓=tom hanks flick===                                                                                           The Burb‘$ is beginning o feel alot like The Purge …deHeil$ @ 11


Repukes even Hen in ..                                                                                                                                   (Total…. CONtrol), I meant.. (KAØ$)

they still have Minority Report’ Tissues !!



cuz they are #RUde to seemingly everyone they meet                                                     ……….     except oth(R) Blue Ribbon$   Pub.$t*?


if you get to see my dashcam vid and notice people out of nowhere running cross the street… this “i$” a person looking for attention and $$$……. Douche HellBogg Baggin$t*r$

they know i’m coming                                                                                                                            ‘Bus’   (computer)                                                                                                                                    in the back hind pocket.bookkk$$$ !!!



best interviews about me are from people who have converseD                                                               not (r)ehearsED       eRR$

===⇓==npr kinda radio show==⇓==

hear that gang stalking of blacks    by FEDs is getting ear play….


dissidents, used to be if they didn’t have a file cabinet just for you …                                                    ¿then you’re not really trying?

now with digital itty…  ?? ?

==========still they abound my ears… less talk…============

======except sundays===whenever i go to my computer they… make loud noises.. i forget alot that way !!!===

=this is WH0 we (R)… no sugarcoating the Turd L Wreck … & his band of ‘Neckkk$=======

©apitali$m is DeFaultED….$-Alt




I Have offspring on to …….  fly freak flag W,hi?


=====JustWin, YaBaby==========

Once A….gain, Wait    <==.== [tissue]


Lost and Found Hate-$hUN  ADD |sand and h2o|


MOney’$ Talk$kk




Greek Yogurt has upped k__it’$ Attack model…

so, supposedly i’ll get ‘a million’ if they succ cede…

what do i get for just being ME ????  ?? ?

million must be …. Gravy

are the knat’L p(e)(e)p.$ iNVolvoED in this Greek TragedY ; ….Conspiring to Commit Gay & Great Bodily Harm….                                    Threatening a ≅ Sr. ©ity…Zen.                                                                                             Threat$$_ and collusion…. Hate ¢Hime


i told ya about 4 cc this past semester…

my active intuition sez lik_ke 20 peeps gave up a number…

my name is known

======weave that fiddle, coppers!=====?irony?=========


as  ..ISRAELIS sez…

May Time 4  RE-NeGoat We.Hate.A t³Οn

Anti-Sem..blance of Morality is on the PRiSE ,

===|=====|~~          ~\_____________/—    …………………


Now,  supposedly,

   I’ll just be tl¢een @$$..

eh ,  MON$t.i..(R),.a cook/plumber?                                                                                                    ..[always been a Kind Velociraptor]

]Chuck[…..L Please!

==⇑==brow beate(R$)*=== ‘green’ eggs=¿ham?=