ACLU, Can you prove McCarthy-I-ZzZ-M ???? ?? ?
// My “McCarthy’s Commie List”… ????ACLU?? ?…
posted by William HigginsOct 16, 2017 • 11:49AM
5 hours ago
ACLU, Can you prove McCarthy-I-ZzZ-M ???? ?? ?

We Shall …..

posted by William HigginsOct 13, 2017 • 10:34AM
3 days ago
And BTW,

IF Kids Were involved, I Wouldn’t Accept the donation !!!!  !! !









posted by William HigginsOct 13, 2017 • 9:35AM
3 days ago
Show…my theorious… pointed There R possible holes in Wit


To Pivot to MY edit: //Court Case //                                                                         , Now, °======>(End..(Their.10.yR..+.GAME))

// edit: added the ir for clarity and want to also Add //multiply by that They consistently reITerated that IT would NEVER End as I was Mud-der some LIcensED Levil of ScrewTny ..                    .($crew$’ ==>)          that don’t want to Be in !!!   //


I Believe I Can get a great deal of college students to go to court in that V masks from the movie ?? V is for..?

LMK !! Thanks For Caring !!

posted by William HigginsOct 12, 2017 • 10:59AM
4 days ago
Can’t Wait 4 Court….Why is This a Bad Thing, Sir Lancelot?

StirRING The POT !!!!

Read It note:

Death Threats ∆

==============update: 10/22/17: Still waiting on Getting an Appointment…I gave them the Info on the phone…                                                                        Peace.

====>  Mimed……”Abbie” Cough-Man!

I hate to re-use the term, ……..I told ya SO


Perez, handed the DNC aka Super Delegation, ovahhh to Lobbyizzzts, Wall CheaterZZZ, and Not Any_Body Progressive..


==Me and My Satire can’t be related to a News OrganGrinder===

====I Will Pick My Battles, When I SHall…. Pick/Stroll=====>  O