@ Fortuitous One… /btw, 6’s & 7’s are T=(R)ubble, (X) = X Bubb,L,L,L/…. Hear..$aY: (take it and enjoy it…!¡) ∴ they’re ((R)eeLin’)!

À       4      2      @Di$$ident   0N∑, OZ, B


Reel∏(R)$ Choice    ‾‾‾‾— – …..  …  …   


warm sunny day  ..

Preparation GZ:

knife your way 1/4 way round the rotary and keep going til you get to a maniacal pitch & fork there in the road

go straight

Cya Spoon

=====Oh, Prime Matey========

Hitler’s Here.. Sci,                                                                                                                             something bout…… Royal-T’s…


He hears Pence is gonna need

                      a ¢Harismatic VP     / @$$oon /