11/10/19 – 11/11

Snow in GB vs. cam-less Carolina




7 up


how are we all flyin’…


=====ijs..X-squeeze me.. no monitor either AA

==spirit airline has some hotties… passing bye by

philly airport time thoughts———


lots of ships in the harbor


Triumph, the insult comic dog

umph, the G.O. comic ¢O.G.


SNF HexED…u$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Laugh TTTTTTHY……me


donaTED by AIPA©

======the good hands people=====


Grounding on Rodgers

graham snuck into the middle…uncovered


we luv countries with sub-servient females

~~~no ripple~~~ to our f’d up cult(R)

Dame BramagED


ob)ong drive


michelob,    i @M kkkkkkkkkkkeepin’ $…..core


commercials are heir cherry rhubarbaric