¢¢∀N You ‘Dig It’ ???? ?? ?

Facebook CEO “TMI‘ Mark Zuckerberg

has added more than

$30 Billion to his Wealth

in just two months.

//     by doing ‘nothing neu’. except laying off thousands

// how much is that doggy in ”Windows 10′ ?

[#my pricematch coupon],  #diff   II ¢ontextually ?

/i have done more with less./Russian hackkkZzz, Care-(R)ess Lackkeye ‘messy’ butter ballYY $hood #II

read;   YY should II

a more’ ….. then it would get personal.

====Sir,===he went to  thee ‘VaRd. <huh !>

<<yeah, add @ 10 percent ‘moRals less’ fee>>

 ‘more or Less’

“Derschy”, …

see, said the blind lemon

i’ve lived in the shadows of “thee PRestige

‘el Vin’ and @’ground’ Mas$achu$etts, 

//  #  \\  Nutt$.

for t00 OBlonged..

I started calling out 50 years of BS


gotts@ backbonaH.02222222