Does your circle all float ?



   Cleanse T@t  Dry Brittle Soul with ‘Aspercreme’

30 minutes or less:        %Feel Humility%

                                                                24 hours:   Feel ‘Empathy’


WAL LIVE; Dirty Laundry




today’s diss cushion ;


Fascism;              Words    vs.    Pix


to Fasci$T;

A)   Words mean nothing unless part of B.

B)  Pix Rule:

Evidence to the contrary or Ethical E.tortion + A taped..


————————- -》》》》》        WHO   Goes There?!

——Charming Dyn@St.Y’

fatal flaw:   vs.    Frequent  Feelers


‘i am a P.O.$. don’t cut it!¡’

Are You Ready to Rock ?




WHo is enjoying this fuckkkkk fe$$$$$$$$$⊥ ¿°


i heard;   they are starting all over again.


btw;      any increases coming directly from wally woRlD.

see Redneckkk$ have nothing.00

odder;  feel$ nuttin’

the biggest enabler of fascist behavior


pix  in  secret   everywhere *



Send it down the flume to be scanned and verified of





i said   that Merkel lady is alright.





as usual,  Trump B’iZ’ the Rascallion.








Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!