[ ⇓ dis..t*Rust]..discuss still

these mergers..neta, hampshire college are like most mergers nowadazzzzzzzzzze

? ¢hide fanny    (M)alfeasance ?,,,, ‘gov leo’ Complicity P=(r)ide!                                                         it’$ C.P.   !!.!  nowadaY$                                                                                                                                  / have a cig(R)?,,,smokinnnn’ ….fun

interference, passssssss$t*    -Flagg ….on to the Di$$.Play

// Flagg is Def  fom    ‘The Stand’

====come on down to TPIR!===

now betty… the final number in the price of the Grandd Olde PI’$


=============[4]=[2]=[1]===????  ?? ?=======


We’ll Be Back $tarrBOred

Deal Or KnoW DDeal






Swamp…Scot Free at  Vast //buckL …. chuckL\\ The funny thing is that …

the Re: PUnkkk$     have nothing butt  RasHputin,

WPOD..Columbia WHite House   of poppy seeded bagels and ….

Ccc..lassy livin in a Chateau  <wah wah wa>


in  put……t  $in issues $and   ·  ……….\……………/0..

that is all that’s left sic of Kkk…….on serve a stigmati$(M)

….  .. .  – (W)


we A gonnab  ”Bestez” on veteran’s issues… u ‘Care’D.?EFG_




W hen i’ll Hold the Demo$$_ 2 the $Hame  Standard


–abc now eliminates the text when trying to override it’s faulty over reach  fu fun fuckers






titles  of …..&……. tosts

LiberTY       )M(utuaL

(F)armer$…doink da doink

E.F.G. Hutton..Button…when …< > bloggs  People Glisten



If You $tand for Everything ∴ You Stand for Nothing.

========.discuss amongst……=======


i’m craven 4 K.F.C.    – watchin’   Charles Foster Kane,……..  ~Citi~Zen~ ?? ?



CHee$y…..How can a US Citizen WHiz ConstituitionL Writ$ ¢.Rackkk.Err$

… have a case trial happen without my  input nor even knowledge.

–//–bar ∀$$ociationS,,,,,, 

fbi,cia, other UncheckkkED Balan¢e Buster $  cZ∀(R) complicit//—

*transparent CIA   …..when does the Pi.. Pentagon become Mine ?


was i considerED a hostile witness without counsel.




i blogged that

i can’t even google prop$$$

elementary freewill is eliminated by richie  brichEZ

cockkk blockkk Wing of gop/dem/ kkk   EPA,                                                                                                      Establi$Hdement Presence in AmoricaL


=defendant unnamed== eliminates the T(R)u $¢0pe of the Time$=


DesPicable US$a duEZ


it wit’s like they shiLL

can kkknot bbbAdd  Mitt the A  Hole in Heir G-Love

========admit D—Feet were made 4 Walkin’…


You BO$$ed & (L)o$t*…. D.A. A CCo$t*…. integrally your                                                                                        KkkRepU..Hate. O’FUn


my press conference could be Epic !



i wanna thank……..


kim…..kim kardashian’s worth A Bullion


how would that in com$p_i(Re) to my unsolicited reality videos pix

diss¢u$$ … ]Throne[


take me to your ……... sue chief


No Justice.. Kkknow Piece


i’m trying to  sssurvive U Call us Fuckkk$


I for personal feelings… need my own dynasty..b4 ..marriage


how ard  dai swill standing_????  ?? _


==================\       Hell GO           /============





 (white hot down ah here)

welcome to your ∃ternity !    got any shun tan emotion ?


NO vs. pHilly



dining room


my feeling is the same as u feel about confidentiality…

i haven’t even googled where i wanna live ’till’ …. exactly.


aws ow my bungle in her jungle…

is anyone surprised,

my  ‘pet turtle’  has never reached that muddy hurdle.

AssMan = WHite Horse   SH! don’t tell anyone!

====i am  sore…sorry ====wait …wrong empathetical end=======

good comeback..so

HTTF penalty wtf

no doink…yes!






i just had a virtual reality thing where i am virtually there at a function… and i g… NO.

Harp….. the most ridicky buy ……..?…..j/k  virtual harp ?


that is Not F’Right skittles   contract the rainbow

contract void and null

=======00421=++===Slovakia 421=country code===

I shut up wow now… 3 min





Pats Vs. Chargers not $.D. GFY!

I’m FirED, You’r(R)e Fired.. the (WH) .…whole  Algorithm  is Out O-O


everybody sang… A-O

======wow,,,, Out==hanging by a finger and a …t==

player intros; // ooopsy… i switched tv from comp to cb$


nice job  … SD    play when i get dare.. loltm

can you tell AFC play this year is $u$pect***

play your worst… DAMN wingo/// keep t*Ab$$$  and even flow… IJ$

============hail mary jane=======

¿ or am i eating some bad food==============


or SD knew when i was on and had a…..play had a     play…

jsaying ….

they are ¢ounter progRAMming

damning of ∑ alot


back to fee ality


kids know R   W

game con dover    <i didn’t highlight condo 4 21 Seasons>


===antithesis===MaryJane You Ignorant $lut !



did it 4 females all..so


sd the gfy was a toke.. //.you read my teleprompt agrin..


interesting developments…..

trust is relative to what you have 2 bleu


nice 2 play ciantrixie //  like rubio cubicL$     ==>   monster,


in the end    it’s lawyer$$$



=======muff punt============

he pulled it back     <patriot on recovery>


caught in air     physic al  amazing ! guts! carefree !


Beer     4 ingrediants

weed        seed              //// mother nature


they had a play  there once was a play maybe the laziest play in los angeleese … the dude

=====1/2 time===SD=======adjust men ! ya think?

me? me?   on a  Hot Reek



bueno comment… nyuk    \\ moe’s commercial


rolling fatties since…….

=====sorry about this….. ==========’Playoffs’    – Mora==

i write  meme$…. think memes ….

super two per$$






that may be the lawyer who i saw   —– ?? what is the name of the law firm… i may have to watch TV… say something good.

======a2m   ——->   aws=======


like that moxie


=pats rule=====

gonna stop for game   /piling mon\



balls…i only worry about females with d o


stay in my lane…. k  tat s        no comma


//  math rules reality  sci 


piling on… running  up score  … 11-0

on the level


schematic design fog


coaching, effort, luck, pers

========self   ie.===========

i’m a victim of circumstan¢es                                                                                       outta my pay level



=========Grade:   II.==============


——————-massage this week————————

selfie out;

divine assist my a$$et!

=========civil commotion?   =====geico, maybe?=======

off to…..  i’ll ask ya ?!


December was a —- lull—to a bye

=====⇓===interstate towing commercial================

drive    scare factor bump   y



==========camel sez what ?? ?===========


YUCK!        my (onion)

==========livin 0n a lottery ticket=============

+++++++++++++++++++ford commerceL+++++++++

looks like they’re moving a facade town…. Rock Ridge ????  ?? ?


=here’s your quarters or ..dimes….way back when=

die hard  sequel had the quarters!


—-philly V.  new orleans—tbd     once again…. no Amazonian DungL

—–that a racist rims joke verizone


Yes yes, yesssssssssss   60 min  .                                                                             …99% AI …socialism 

ignore at YO(R).


mellville a ,,,, sir        [ bigger boat]

=====boom shacka   tygn.==========









Feds… (girls.please..come forward for your country) vs. Trump Tower Chica(r)..go


===he has to be stopped..===============

sorry if my previous ignorance hurt feelings….

[mj /glove   propping  haters                                                                                                                              … have a nutter drink ya delusional hippo$.

=========yes, parents..scary that the next generation has way more info..thus POwer than you EVE   \  …  (r)        would

my gift is this…

i’m not necessarily blogging for myself.

…. SHocking the World AWAkE ….

they will all thank ME

Peace ….just do it  !


gotta distance myselfie NOW


way too long.. short wick   i ment! marrying a 15yo in this day and ………..AGe


i have stoppED playing his mu..sic


I’m nice, respectful, courteous kind, O..bed, cheerful, real thrifty, …

====bottom ____===I Am a Love Hunter, not a Pred….========

don’t worry,  did Hef hide in his mansion…18+ young girls everywhere..Not a Criminal……..?

i on the ‘hand’   have been Hate ified !


10:10am ….. miss ya, mom !

=======4 tears aghost?================

Are you ready.?.. I’m Ready…






Indy @ KC // Dall vs Rams

liberty play ?

yo yo


2 EZ  run in red zone…

plan b colts


saw douchebag giving ‘candy’ to homeless in NoHo…                                                                                                                 he wanted me to CC

was that Abe L.  ?

C abe L   ?_?


stanford in malibu   ? remem a college univ on ‘Hill’




threw that wrong ‘lace’  <luck>

seeing is #1

throw is #2-100


full velocity  inc….

i’m an I guy   Incomplete GGrade


strip just missed…

total dominoEZ


sorry boss,

pizza hut hut


edward pistol fingers     <POlar>

freddy karma


// cheechy?


reid vs. old team is sacre bleu to say hear


ditto  Amherst,ma  blistening  1mil.. cost biz


Bigg BiZz   don’t like precedents trike debt




jet blue   aft n s e w


pulled into hotL and couple going other way…

lady mouthed:  <mswdngt> rude eh oh


hated hated unwatchable..unbreakable

part 2 ?  m night shamalambadingdong


lace mis laced… shouldn’t say that word in college town

american van dull

==========dull needs …..=============

hyper extended it  /knee/


did gal at passage place deftly call me a/the shit ?  lol i did aft


fecal goal, i heard…..  bpc<Al M.



3 horse 3 spike trident  in water…?


more on den off

like (M)adoff  // ?burnee?


curve on that kick …. Vinnie


i do knot… like 2 drive…


tackling u must be close to do that


basketball power forward  /  \  football  TE



============zoorolled already ….

last one curved like a curveballl   <right to left<






=======wall base===================

// 1/2 smoke


champ thyme  //i’ll stop simublogging hen i roost

=======================boost boost..===

wicked tuna and Wtf are TPB got up there short sleeves

wow, i should write more




speaking of tpb … little lahey in netflix comm…


almost caught his own pass… lucky

===⇓====flash crowd commercial=====

anyone else …………….feel the way i do ? smiRkkk

if only,     dolly daggers – fembot


Fox is            American UNIvISION    Calient∃


are $$$$ pats fans already making planZzzz


amazon  A$$ 2 Mouth.. kkknot South.. civil war julle,,, 



//T   dink wink







ph oh yeah…..

my browser has been titled for about 7 years…….

gonna copy and paste….

I only write about things that nobody cares about




———–posse  possuma======

KC wins….21 12         31 13


fountain of futility   today!

my store 2 … nun a customerr


========only  one………. me========


iiiiii i i       univision nfl  …. oh hi


i’ll kkknot mention univision !!!


my net ‘work’   has         put in  ⇔   a  faloot’in bribe                                                                                     for  wednesday noon  nfl games  ‘TV  Package’

1 BiLL  —–-lincoln 5

=fox comedy nfl show skit==⇓=

funny.. Golden Globe stomach… on terry how

shingles isn’t a funny topic.



Rams vs  DDallass  i promise not to be callous




they like me….

they boo, they really really boo


prob is the lines here are soooo faded…                                                                                  ron burgundy write off the road





(R)oads are what needs fixing not a Wall of ‘Fame’


==⇓===that fox show i inexplicably promoted by discussing ====

he’s a real doctor   hangover asian… funny


SH !

2 cigs and i’m writing is …

sorry, good game ?

I’m not a White Horse…. I Play One on TV


1 lb of food equals how many inches on waistline ???


Madden:  2K   livin on a bus down by the …..


my fave pool table has bumpers





Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!