Back with @ stackkkkkkkkk of Report$



1 Billion against 1    coverage

   and then they ₩anton Kick A$$ when Kkkkkkkkk0tt. Hubris Buggery

Douche Mania






POS nation ; –cuZzz—》》》》》kkkkkkkkknow your Drumm@H ? nYET?





BOS——-Danger, Danger                                     Here O;







##########@ Ton = 2K##########

Hubris of a Billion Ghoul$$   on the young ladies,



2K  (  Billion )  =    2T

F’real Pay scalaRr– How fast can they can flip off    Hat    Hubris ?


#did   UCLA,      fall in lust with moi ?







Had no chance to find a hottie:   outnumbered.  like i said

then purR chance:   bully pulp shit


fatten the thinking  gals,

Huey loves giving out a Dastardly Diet of Bullying.

&& Red likkke$ taT,  ~pp friends


Fatten the Enemy


















———great, grATE,  framework for my opening arguments


How did they( @E )xpect me to traverse those

minefields of danger




keeping the stalkkkkkkkkk market full of baskets for hell









Except, i Ham 【 Best In Class 】♡♡♡♡ ♡♡ ♡



IInteresting ^( ++Each DAY),        oh!




Backkk, Backk, Back                    L∃$s   ON





BS effect:  Barbara Striesand pix!    Outta Hand !  ∀ New Domain of



Fire TV  !!!!!  ?????  |||||Brill0   anT$



kkknew tv legislation.

To Reason @ct of 2022


—–skit writing.. about     【 Elon in China 】docu

me soso scaRED persona,,  me, me, me  Victim. Jail Anytimeout…..





titled;              W  (hen) IN R o me








Does He Wear a  [ Pin ]   for CHina

His Factory Floor:   Elon      Walking the Walk of …..

does he walk chinese parade like:  【parading around】

does he wear his best shoes on the workers floor ?

//does he          THANK them wit  @ 【 magician’s trick 】with ‘magnets’

In General:. Fatten



Think about all the false Hubri$ 15 years of drunken laughter creates



Get R Done,    Interest be Damned.   kkk.O⊥⊥

Y, becuz we like You !!!!  !! !






Jan 6th: Redux


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%precious precedents of cons  ¢  iou$ Mess


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!