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—————– vs. Uss Con-$t-itch-u-z-i-n  ¿

————–bed-rock bottom for Trump——-⇓∏⇓——-PPricele$$

\\scratching the glass hull of his $=Hip ∀0  To±oL=$//—>towing the barge in


figuRatively this craft sails across his heinous bathwater whiLst his rubber ducky, Ayn spouts about… and he Tweety bird bombs other  ‘bad duck egg0$’





fisa judges

if and when you look at my PROfile…

Do you play ‘Devil’s Advocate’ as my lawyer ?

Weal th’EN Pay up the WAZ.00 +2


MY                                @DDvOCate

Never Forget next week that Trump sez.. ‘No Direct Evidence’ when

everybody who could corroborate or exonerate the Pez,

He BlockkkED Justice ! //House Subp0enaS

then claims.. .                    Innocence.

//$Hame level of OBstructionism  & Arrogance           HAt                                                                 data  he’$ being ¢haR-g∑…..D



Con ManoRism

=====’F’its the PROfile

Sir, Judge…(Fisa) ////ben….ben…..Holden kkkrauTs

A Recuse less Gov Twerkkk$ 0ut to be Useless for Democracy.

witty Dinner ¢onvo;


Amorticia, USS

we give our TOPP $pying /over/sight/ position to a ¢ard carrying member of the most unstable area of the world for last 40+ years.

Titanical USSupreme court loved my comments about ‘hare’ future in a socialist based world:

Bitchin’ about Human Rights, not ‘mucHellse’…

BS on Display as theirs is Pulleyed out ‘fom” Dunder’

======KkkNo More Clauses==&=Grinch IInterpretation$=====


Treasonou$ Lack(R) of Oversight when the

#1 tarmac’n cheese is Anti-Palestine.

Not even Questionable.

He should be America, Fuck Yeah.

#Americans have NO ISSUE with Palestine !

Semites  with any power have multiple “accounting books’     [IJBJewish]

Recuseless Mess    @G…


Fuckkkin’ Me, Hilariou$.LY..Justice Roberts named every single FISA judge who currently sits on the FISA court bench.




(R&Ru) kkkidding Me0 —Mistrial—ij_0_

FISA Court presiding judge James Boasberg


ReallyReally ??


// Hippocratic L. Oath

/ fbi & ii don’t see aye to aye

does our crack FBI evaH  @Tell the truth in this fear..

Yes.. $ir. (R)eal world ?

Ask their families, i guess.


Known as “Jeb,”Bush’ Boasberg is widely recognized in Washington legal circles for a conversational and oftentimes humorous writing style. He joined the surveillance court in 2014.

did he pay his AIPAC dues ?


I KKK.ID, Counsel. 〈Hearty  Laugh〉

ijs, One definite anti-Palestine  of 11 peeps  gets ‘Chosen’

Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!