simple assertions vs. pull of oppRessive sims #cookie ? // cannot wait anylonger til the recipe shows up.



inalienable rights project:


Palestine                as a STATE        not a Stat.


Me       as a HUMAN Left

Craft      aft your kiddy / grift  shit show of last 16 years.







TV:             TH∑∑        grate  divis ORE


never let me on.                i must be the

oppo          of   yore   SHIT∃




@@state of nein kkkampF(u)

@pro state     kkk land of cold …..

Refuse to buy Winter clothes.  ~ “borrowed money” no₩!


I   WANT   OUt.

WTF!   no subtleness abound.        Hard Bore^Abhor


NEVER    Blamed   the      Guilty    :    arrogance compounds daily

like my interest on my empire.  b4  the kkk Llass.0  ceiling



Yes,   Kids!         Victim SHaming is a National Monu [email protected]@


Vetting   shows who the victims ReallY ∑  (  not R)



the hindenburg that is



SANTOs       life§



did he sell a blind kid a dead bird ?????


does he keep notes on all his cons    tit  u ain’t!

his  PersonalitiEZ







Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!