(MUCI$) Military Urgency Corridor of I$rÆl ~~~~~~ i$ { U$ }

Æ Military Industry [(Simplex)]

Complexion [(whiz dumbling dumplings)]

of      ISrael     i$





















…T                                         @in’t T@t Sum $$$$$$..t





Who goes There ; ?

Æ       ash

how can the irony

be @vertED    ||     Denial un Dam  ||

affect dealing with emotions or feelings in flux change delta or …

effect ‘ result of a change


AE is central and located at the


of the    preferred nomenclature,



/////////stfuD.,, y ooyE

÷÷÷÷heart is a noisrael clature / closedin sure÷÷


ae at heart


i=$ Real R^@E^L II



Bi Pop Polar—–Society  $$$ [Told & Hold]—–‘



=======Redneck TMZ÷÷÷÷


coerced within a year cuz @, GAza  #  of  WL,s.









the rednecks are too “busy’ to

Stir the Pan.

Who goes There ; ?

who owns what channels

yup,   essentially,

  each channel provider will ala stand alone

[ livid on the subscribe button ]

if we give a turned.


maybe an app of an idea arrives


You Change Us.

oh Kkk, W@;⊥

look what it did for us and F@ ,,,,©e’Boo’…..k^



Toy……..che’     @@ccelerant

Cough ; Qwerty Five



Illuminating Enuff Con$ternation



#blitz precursion .  soften belly,  LuV∀∃

Flue….Watering Down, DrOWN SHIT  Notes.


oh, they’ve taken deep detailed notes for ions..


Ya Drink think




Light Bling Strewn..  …., a Kkkraut.aeiou;@Y∃





Diss Count WH for Shale ? U$@Y

Those were the days when you could ………

Getaway With NotKnowing M∃



I tell you even on the cheese ‘(planet)’

Once they almost had it dialEDYou.


So close to Bully PUlpit of Constitutional @mendments of $_$hamu


Edu went FU kids future buy & by bye.



Giving IN to Heil. #ccoke coaxxxed¿

I Stand By That & @÷lone


My diss @ point;


Once it was dialed in,

Rewrite of the Book [(ie)] ringu Rig Job, Yob.

kids your freedom based future is warmonger free leaders.

DoD who Can Do, Yet


Technology Advances …… Laisse Faire Play..nowadays,

likey mic…..                8k per test image machine

pro            Vs.          con tracting view

◇//Vex.am & pu.ll\\~¤ China Products, but why.. point in correction.

foreign policy is frenetic and unstable.

hence, Chinese Arrogance,

Boycott Chin@, There I Said IT’.



Peking of Witch …rasH.


Was NYC run at peking duck friskkkkk

Mini Trump,   Guil

You can call me Ray


You can call me Jay


You can call me



You can call me RJ Jr.


You can call me RJ Jr. Jr.



Guiliani ran it like ‘the mob’;

#End of Glory.

Like I displayed below nowadays ¿ dough ?


La\  /Yer…….₩

Yer is. Correct…ly

Year of 4th dimensional 5th (@)mend dendum


Time Displace Events EZ Flake Attorney.


Once again,

TR@p WH.ore Door out….admits


∀ Truth from Trump; , #pull his tooth..



Closest Confidantes.



∃nuff        N∃in 9 w∃∃ks ^n∃xt


does he tip his caddies with advice  ;










Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!