Bare Bottom Ball_der Dash

Fans, whenever faced with denial around knights table…..

Unicorn..++.. undeniable.


Mega. UNICORN…. & GLOWin;


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Hue Magoo, you’ve done it again….


Progressive insurance against my media incursions.

Whose Liable Now ?


Time Person of the Year.


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She should meet Baron Trump.         # Lol




It is over. REPUKES. Not Impeachment, per se. [[Big Pickkk]],LL¢ ||festivus poll


Trump^$__ ‘Insidious’  FU to Constituency

His latest  Chapter 11

His yearly Royal (brainscan).00


Retirement  Plan for ReRe………..Zzz.01


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Can you imagine Republicans stealing another.


Member the original riots after Trump’s Heil fight reeling selection…?

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Stockholmies  Syndrome

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Yes, I see my biggest expense,

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I see……. my Biggest TDissue nowadays..


Not…Getting a great.. .full spectrum of II PopuluST

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Between now and CastleVania^.02

Help donate…..holidays are for the under rated …

Yeah, right…




Step up & recognize Palestine.

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Whom is Grooming Who ?


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To block short term retention

Of any progressive insurgence


Extra, Extra, Weed All About It: aka. 'The Ghost in the Green MACHine' Juxtaposition !!